Outwit! Outlast! Out…something.

Tasha tries to unlock immunity for a fourth time on Survivor: Cagayan.

Survivor Cagayan Recap: Counting is Hard

May 8, 20140

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 11: “Havoc to Wreak” — How do you get rid of Tony when he has idols coming out of his ears? Spencer and Kass might have a plan, but they need to woo Woo…

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor Cagayan Recap: Original Recipe

April 24, 20140

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 9: “Sitting in My Spy Shack” — Jefra may be a wild card after Tony’s shenanigans last week. Woo takes a nasty fall. Spencer is still a twerp.