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What Else is On takes a look at television both popular and undiscovered. We write about what happened on last night’s shows, what’s on the horizon, and whether or not the world of television has learned from past mistakes.1 Sometimes sassy, sometimes delighted, we love television. Don’t disappoint us.

Spoiler Policy

Here’s the deal: you are responsible for not allowing yourself to be spoiled. We are not monsters. Our teasers on the main pages will not be spoilery. Any text beyond the click is fair game. If you don’t want to know who got voted off last night or haven’t gotten around to watching this week’s episode of OMG Did You Watch This Week’s Episode?!, watch your show(s) and come back later. If not being spoiled is that important to you, rearrange your priorities so you can watch the show live—the networks will thank you.  Once a new episode airs or a week has passed since the last new episode (whichever comes first), all previous content will be considered “common knowledge” and free from spoiler tsk-tsking.

The exception to this is Netflix. Since their model involves dropping all episodes at once, expecting everyone to watch all 13 (or whatever) episodes within a week is kind of nuts. To accommodate this, we will use a spoiler window of one week for every two episodes. That means after two weeks the first four episodes are fair game and after seven weeks a full season of 13 episodes is outside the window. This part of the policy applies more to us than it does to you, so please call us on it if we are in violation.

Comments Policy

We would love to hear what you have to say about any given post. The comments are moderated to keep the conversation on-topic and eliminate spam. We’re not into censorship or stifling debate, but Godwin’s Law in a post about The Brady Bunch is probably a bit much, unless that’s the subject of the post. Excuse me as I write that idea down.

The spoiler policy above also applies here, particularly the “we are not monsters” part. If you have inside knowledge or the topic involves the adaptation of another property (think Under the Dome or Game of Thrones), dropping spoilers for what has yet to happen is officially Not Cool. This does not apply to “Next time on…” ads, since those tend to be vague (Mad Men) or deceptive (Survivor). In short, speculation is cool; ruining the reveal is not.


Questions about the site? Tech issues? Bequests? Our main e-mail is contact@whatelseison.tv. Please limit marriage proposals to one per week.

  1. Spoiler alert: Rarely.