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  • Croatia, “My Friend”, Jacques Houdek is Too Much

    March 9, 20170

    Someone needs to tell Croatia that you don’t need to do all the things at once. After taking a few years off, Croatia had a decent return to the Eurovision stage last year with Nina Kraljić’s “Lighthouse”.  It was one of my favorites going into the competition, but Europe didn’t necessarily agree with me, barely qualifying to the final and giving it only 75 points total, finishing 23rd overall.  Croatia tends to play around with what I’d call “traditional” Eurovision styles, whether pulling from classical traditions in the country (see 2013’s “Mižerja”) to more traditional ballads like last year’s entry. Unfortunately, they seem to be trying everything they’ve got all at once with this year’s entry, Jacques Houdek’s “My Friend”: I gave this one a hot “NOPE” after the spoken word entry, but I’m glad I stayed on, because I found this entry entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Jacques Houdek clearly has the vocal range to make this either a smooth, modern ballad in English OR a deep-voiced Italian-sung number that pulls from more classical traditions in Croatia. Unfortunately, he’s doing both at once – I had to check for a performance video to make sure that there weren’t actually […] [Read more…]

  • The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

    The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose Week 10 The Finale

    March 11, 20140
  • An Unfortunate Episode – The Cosby Show Season 6 Episode 8: The Day the Spores Landed

    June 13, 20140
  • Will Nathan Trent Be “Running” to the ESC Finals for Austria?

    March 13, 20170
  • The Amazing Race (Photo: CBS)

    The Amazing Race: Everyone Wants Pizza

    November 10, 20140