SNL Digest: Jason Momoa (12/8/18)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Jason Momoa" Episode 1754 -- Pictured: Host Jason Momoa during Promos from Studio 8H on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

SNL tailors itself to Jason Momoa’s skills, which makes for a terrible episode.

I admit I had low expectations for Jason Momoa as SNL host, but it was incredible how much he did not meet them last night.  His choices in terms of sketches selected felt off, he seemed unwilling to deviate from his “look” with regards to costuming, and while I was happy to see a lot of Mikey Day, it felt like a lot of the female cast had the night off with no role to play in these sketches.  All in all, this was the worst episode of SNL I’ve seen in a while.

What You Missed

Cold Open: The Trump Boys

I love Eric’s racecar bed.  DeNiro’s Mueller is also good in this one.


Mr. Momoa, please put some shoes on.  This was all over the place.

Elf on the Shelf

W O W.  This went there.

GE Big Boy Appliances

This was pitch perfect.

Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo

This is probably something I would find funnier if I watched Game of Thrones, though I did like when it became Maury for a second.

Them Trumps

This was well-served by its brevity.

Weekend Update

  • A lot of good Mueller material tonight
  • 7th Grade Travel Expert Carrie is a delight
  • Michael Che talking about bidets is everything


this sketch was actively bad and made no sense.

Day of the Dorks

On one hand, a parody of Revenge of the Nerds addressing its issues would be great!  This was not that.

Sleigh Ride

Cecily’s Gemma is quietly one of the best characters. This is just an okay Gemma

Meeting the Boyfriend

This is weirdly annoying and bad.

Rudolph’s Big Night

This was almost funny.

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