SNL Digest: Jonah Hill

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Jonah Hill" Episode 1750 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tina Fey, Candace Bergen, Musical Guest Maggie Rogers, and Host Jonah Hill during Goodnights in Studio 8H on Saturday, November 3, 2018 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

Jonah Hill blends in with the SNL cast (and that’s a good thing!) in his fifth time as host.

A cool thing about the length of time I’ve been blogging about SNL is that I have proof from over time about my thoughts on various hosts, like Jonah Hill.  He has very much not been my thing in the past, and yet, I loved him in Maniac earlier this year on Netflix, and I really liked his hosting SNL tonight, even if some of the sketches that happen every time he hosts are not my thing.  He blended in with the cast, which is a great thing as the host, and really knocked it out of the park on some oddball ideas.

What You Missed

Cold Open: The Ingraham Angle

Praise the lord, Alec Baldwin punched someone and got arrested so he’s not on SNL this week.  This is great news for everyone, since SNL is much better when it’s approaching the current administration via angles like this rather than his weak impression.  Cecily’s Jeanine Pirro was good, but everything Kate is just *chef kiss*, especially when she’s reading terrible sponsors.


It’s Jonah’s fifth time hosting! Which means we get into Fifth Timer’s Club lore!  The all-ladies take was very good.  Candice Bergen killed it.


Leading off strong with the beloved character, even if I don’t love this particular character


All of this.  Especially Kate McKinnon primal screaming.

Local News Proposal

The small details of this (the pre-news part, Cecily hitting someone with her car) were great, but Matt’s sad-sack thing did it for me.

Off-Broadway Political Musical

“Definitely written by the actors” hooked me immediately, and I would like this sketch to play on TV 3 more times.

Teacher Fell Down

This started weirdly in media res for me and that oddly made it work for me?  Kate McKinnon barely keeping it together helped.

Weekend Update

  • Don’t be like Michael, go vote on Tuesday
  • Pete Davidson: surprising mature on his relationship!
  • Was really hoping Weekend Update would have more to say on Megyn Kelly
  • Melissa Villasenor as every teen suspect on Law & Order doing a book report was so good.
  • Keenan’s Big Papi is still so good, and still talking about mofongo.

America’s Got Talent: Wait, They’re Good?

MY CONSTANT SCOURGE.  I also love a “Nell” reference, so this sketch had my number from the jump.

Also: you know NBC has the real version of this queued up for the second something from their fall lineup fails.


Aidy dropping mid-endorsement got me every. single. time.

Pug Wigs

Pugs in wigs.  Who needs more?

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