SNL Digest: Seth Meyers (10/13/18)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Seth Meyers" 1749 -- Pictured: (l-r) Musical Guest Paul Simon, Host Seth Meyers, Aidy Bryant in Studio 8H during a promo -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Seth Meyers returns home to Studio 8H to host SNL after moving down the hall to Late Night.

Seth Meyers was the head writer at SNL when I started watching regularly, and I really enjoy his voice as a writer.  He’s moved on to Late Night on NBC (where he’s doing a great job cultivating a great set of writers like Michelle Wolf and Amber Ruffin), but it’s nice to see him go back down the hall and return to host the show.  Writing always seemed to be more of Seth’s forte when it came to the show, so in a lot of last night’s sketches it felt like he was playing variations of himself, but for the most part they were funny variations, so I didn’t mind.

What You Missed

Cold Open: Kanye at the White House

Well, fuck.  I knew Alec Baldwin had signed on for another season of getting sprayed with Cheeto dust, but I was hoping they would keep finding ways to not actually have him show up.  Chris Redd’s Kanye isn’t the best (I still miss Jay Phaoroh’s masterful impersonations), and the main premise of this skit was “Kanye says crazy stuff, others react internally”, and that is a weak-ass premise.


I have missed Seth’s voice at SNL for a while now – he’s great at Late Night (especially with the crop of new talent he’s cultivated there), but it’s great to have him back down the hallway at studio 8H.  This is a great monologue that captures all of that.

IFC Center Q&A

Aidy’s character in this felt tone-deaf, but this was one of those quick character pieces with lots of bits.  It’s great to see that Heidi Gardner has another character type!  Cecily and Leslie were great.

Beta Force

“You’re cracking eggs with a sledgehammer, bro.”

Traffic Stop

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a SNL sketch with a theme song.  This was okay.

A Frightening Tale

This was so good.

New Prisoner

Keenan has had one of the best REDACTED TO NOT SPOIL THE SKETCH impressions in the business since All That, and this was a great take on the recent news.

“You’ll be safe in here, Denise!”

Weekend Update

  • Reminder: climate change isn’t just about recycling, it’s about corporate level changes and Michael Che’s “white women love yarn” joke was kind of blah
  • Baskin Johns is another one of Heidi’s baby-voiced women.  That segment wasn’t for me, but I did love the “so…goop” section.
  • SETH IS BACK FOR A REALLY!  Needed some Amy Poehler, though.

Bayou Benny’s Liberal Lagniappe

This is a panel show where the panel was Taylor Swift, a gator with a candle, a chili pepper with sunglasses, and Seth Meyers.  This felt like it had been someone’s weird pitch that’s been rejected a few times and finally snuck through.

Cuban Vacation

Seth is so good at playing these insufferable types, and this one felt like something from when he and Maya Rudolph played “Basket of Wigs”.


TREES. “Give me a second! I worked really hard on that verse when I thought it was a weed song.”

Halloween Gig

Seth as an electric piccolo player with Kenny G hair is great, as was this sketch which also felt like “Basket of Wigs” happened backstage.


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