SNL Digest: Adam Driver/Kanye West (9/29/18)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Adam Driver" Episode 1747 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kate McKinnon with Host Adam Driver in Studio 8H during a promo -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Adam Driver anchors a bumpy start to the SNL season.  Kanye West is there too.

SNL is back!  Adam Driver is a great choice as first host of the season – he has a film to promote, he’s hosted before, and based on the last time he hosted he seems like he’s up for anything.  The actual episode was a little hit-and-miss for me – I’m completely disinterested in Kanye’s recent antics, and it felt like the cast hadn’t fully come back from summer and wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders.  Still, here’s what went down last night:

What You Missed

Cold Open:

Leslie Jones as Harris Faulkner is a delight

Hey, Matt Damon!  I was hoping for Kate McKinnon, and this kind of felt like SNL patting itself on the back for a political thing. “Donkey Dong Doug” did get me, though.  Dratch as Klobuchar!


first off: New! Credits! Sequence!  I love the typography on this and the whole vibe.  Plus, we’ve got a new cast member, Ego Nwodim!

“Adam Driver is terrible at small talk” is a great premise for a monologue.  Acknowledging Pete Davidson’s whole thing this summer is great.

Fortnite Dad

Mikey Day is so good at this.

Kyle’s New Look

It’s great that I can tell from the filming style what kind of piece SNL is doing, and this screamed “documentary about internal stuff at SNL”. And Kyle trying to pick up Pete’s whole thing, mixed with continued Secret SNL Rituals is very much my thing.

“The doctor says I’m going to die a little bit later”

Domenico’s Coffee Shop

Cecily is so good at playing terrible wives.

Rad Times at Frat U

This felt link it could have been a better critique of the Kavenaugh trial than the cold open was, but went broader.  Still liked it.

Weekend Update

  • First off: Colin and Michael shouldn’t have hosted the Emmys – their joke style doesn’t work for that sort of event, and their lackluster performance there didn’t help some of the weaker material here.
  • Kate McKinnon’s RBG is always welcome.
  • LESLIE JONES as Serena was great.
  • Michael Che on Bill Cosby and what bothers him about that was a great side step
  • Wow, SNL is making Pete Davidson really talk about his summer

Career Day

I think this was a There Will Be Blood thing? Good character work by Adam Driver but also I do not get it at all.

Neo-Confederate Meeting

Beck’s beard was slipping off the entire sketch.

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