SNL Digest: Tina Fey (5/19/18)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Tina Fey" Episode 1746 -- Pictured: Tina Fey during "Mean Girls" on Saturday, May 19, 2018 -- (Photo by: Kailey Fellows/NBC)

Tina Fey closes out this season of SNL with a strong, if cameo-heavy, finish.

The season finale of SNL is always interesting – it tends to be a little more cameo-heavy than the rest of the season, and everyone’s a little burnt out on sketches, so they bring in an alumni host (or at the very least, someone who’s hosted many times before) so that  there’s a good base to whoever’s performing what gets written.  Tina Fey is a great choice, since she’s local, has a thing to promote (the Mean Girls musical, which is getting pretty good reviews), and was head writer for a while.  The episode ended up being a little too focused on cameos for my taste, but still had a few gems.

What You Missed

Cold Open: Robert Mueller, but The Sopranos?

Kate’s Giuliani is great, the rest of this is just a cavalcade of cameos in lieu of actual jokes, which is sort of the norm for cold opens these days.


CAMEO CITY.  This was better than the cold open, though. I love the idea that SNL has a “person from the news” sign-up sheet in the hall of Studio 8H.

Hot take: Fred Armisen’s cameos on everything drag things down and he’s not super funny.

Royal Wedding Video

The ability of the SNL costume team to pull out some of these wedding looks is amazing.  Mikey Day’s Harry is fantastic.

Leslie Jones AS HERSELF is fantastic.

Morning Joe

This was a mess? Tina’s Russian lawyer was good, though.

Mean Girls

This hits the joke and gets out of there in just enough time.

Weekend Update

  • Wow, this was kind of a depressing week for news, even with jokes added!
  • Alex & Mikey’s Trump brothers are great.
  • “You know where we really need diversity?  JAIL.”
  • Bishop Curry! Love to see SNL turn around royal wedding content in ~14 hours.
  • The annual “Michael and Colin do jokes that didn’t make it the rest of the year b/c offensiveness” is great
  • Aidy appearing at the end as the call lady for no reason whatsoever?  Great.

Dateline: Pervert Hunters

This went a way I didn’t expect it to and it was great.

Sarah Palin Advice

Kate arriving FROM THE CEILING made this.

Livingston High Talent Show

Leslie Jones’ character was my favorite part of this.

The sudden pivot to “Chop Suey”? Unexpected but lovely.

Chicago Improv


Since it’s the end of the season, let’s talk about the featured players and who should be made full cast:

  • Mikey Day: should have been a full cast member already
  • Alex Moffat: solid player, totally deserves a promotion
  • Melissa Villasenor: brings a weird energy to her characters that I love, make her full cast
  • Chris Redd: needs another season as featured player
  • Luke Null: needs another season as featured player just so we can see more of him
  • Heidi Gardner: should get another season as a featured player, but if she keeps just doing the same two characters, needs to move on.

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