SNL Digest: Bill Hader (3/17/18)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 1741 "Bill Hader" -- Pictured: Host Bill Hader during "Opening Monologue" in Studio 8H on Saturday, March 17, 2018 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

Bill Hader proves why he was one of SNL’s most flexible talents in his first appearance as host.

Of all the recent alumni who have departed from SNL after their 7-8 years on the show, one that I miss most might be Bill Hader.  Hader’s a skilled impressionist, but also has a great everyman quality that allowed him to make standard straight-man roles on the show (gameshow host, etc.) a little weirder.  Plus, STEFON, the one time you’re actively rooting for the person at the update desk to completely break.  Here’s what you missed in a great pre-March break SNL.

What You Missed

Cold Open: Anderson Cooper 360

“Like Taraji P. Henson said, I can do bad all by myself”

John Goodman’s Rex Tillerson was a welcome addition to SNL, as was Hader’s brief Scaramucci.


Bill going through all the stuff he didn’t understand as a cast member is great, but the live transition to sketch number one was straight up great and they should do it more.

The Californians

This sketch has 5 standard beats and it hits them every time and is largely an opportunity for the cast to try to make everyone break..  Nothing was reinvented here.

Kiss Me I’m Irish

“Each one as beautiful as their skin is bright red under their makeup”

This went a direction I did not expect it to go almost immediately, and continued to get better.

Girlfriends Game Night

I was on board as soon as Hader entered in the motorized wheelchair, but Cecily killed it as well.

Jurassic Park Screen Tests

This was a good Cavalcade of Impressions.  KEENAN’S PANTS AS SINBAD

Weekend Update

  • Michael Che on the Stormy Daniels testimony is on point.
  • Just let Kate McKinnon play every single member of the current administration’s cabinet.  She does it so well.
  • What is Walmart, though?
  • Pete Davidson!  He does a great job with what he does at the Update desk.
  • STEFON.  STEFON WAS BACK!  “If you’re white and drunk in midtown”

Sacred Rock

This definitely was a thing.

CBC News Hour

Back when it was leaving Amazon (and before it popped up again on Youtube), I binged through all 3 seasons of Slings and Arrows, a Canadian series about a Shakespeare company.  It was great, but every time I heard one of the characters apologize it made me giggle.  This sketch did that in a good way.

Undercover Office Potty

The woozy quality to all the narration was spot on for the tone of this, and it escalated exactly how I wanted it to.

Cut for Time: St. Patrick’s Day

Beck Bennet is doing a lovely job of taking over from Bobby Moynihan on the “weird child-man paired with extremely dry host for holiday jokes” bit. 

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