SNL Digest: Sterling K. Brown (3/10)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 1740 "Sterling K. Brown" -- Pictured: Host Sterling K. Brown during a promo in Studio 8H -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Sterling K. Brown’s debut SNL performance proves why he’s on a dramatic show and not a comedy.

For years on this site, I’ve posited that part of what’s great about SNL is that it gives you the chance to get a handle on the host’s comedic sensibility.  Since they’re involved in the pitching/selection process, what makes it through to Saturday is at least a partial reflection on what they found funny.  Sometimes that’s great, and other times it makes you realize that you don’t have the same thoughts on what’s funny.  This is a very roundabout way of saying that I was underwhelmed with Sterling K. Brown’s episode of SNL.

What You Missed

The Bachelor Live

OMG this went in a way I did not expect, but so great.  Never show me Alec Baldwin’s orange face again and do things like this instead.


Sterling K. Brown (the K is for Kathleen) is on This is Us, a show that’s generally tearjerking.  The joke about the aftershow (“That Was Them”) was very good, as was this bit.

Family Feud: Oscar Winners vs. Losers Edition

This is just an excuse for a series of impressions, so here’s a series of bulletpoints

  • “You the kind of lady that goes to a dog park and appoints herself sheriff”
  • The Jordan Peele and Alison Janney impressions were bad.
  • That Willem Dafoe was excellent

This is U.S.

This is an easy joke, but a good joke.  Especially the quotes from the critics.

Dinner Party

This was just okay until it got to the drink flinging portion.


This was kinda dumb and skippable.

Weekend Update

  • “Donald Trump is Twitter Crazy, one is actually crazy, and there’s a difference”
  • Eric & Don Jr. is such good character work by Alex and Mikey.
  • DAWN LAZARUS is back! HAP.

Black Panther Deleted Scene

Leslie Jones barely keeping it together helped this one out a lot.

Doctor’s Office

This felt a draft away from feeling coherent/making sense throughout.

Script Supervisor

Cecily reading lines in a completely flat affect with a Southern accent, refusing to curse is somehow the funniest thing.

Chris Fitzpatrick

This was a rare Kyle Mooney thing that didn’t click with me

Death Bed

why.  why.

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