SNL Digest: Melissa McCarthy (5/13/17)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Melissa McCarthy" Episode 1724 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa McCarthy poses for promos backstage in Studio 8H on May 9, 2017 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Melissa McCarthy brings her A-game and gets inducted into the 5-Timers club in the penultimate SNL of the season.

Melissa McCarthyis now in the SNL Five-Timers club!  She’s a worthy addition to that club – she always brings a physicality and a willingness to do anything, so it’s easy to see why Lorne keeps inviting her back.  With that knowledge, her Sean Spicer impression was bound to make an appearance, but it was exciting to see what else she would bring to the party.  Nothing was really missable, although there were definitely a few stronger hits in the show.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: Donald Trump Interview

The premiere of Mikey Day’s ice cream-dispensing Paul Ryan made this worthwhile.


I expected something related to this being her 5th time hosting, but this was oddly sweet and I kind of dug it.

Just Desserts

Mikey Day does a great game show host.  This type of sketch is Melissa McCarthy’s wheelhouse, and it works well with SNL’s whole “everything live all time zones” thing.

Amazon Alexa

The repeated “I don’t know about that”s + the order instructions did it for me.

CSPAN Press Conference

As soon as Sarah Huckabee Sanders showed up in my Twitter feed I knew Aidy was going to show up behind the podium this week.  This went to an interesting place at the end, although the music cues for Spicey’s journey was perfect.

Weekend Update:

  • “He looks like if the word ‘gosh’ became a person”
  • Pete Davidson on rehab is great
  • Cathy Ann! This character feels so at home as a Weekend Update correspondent instead of the other sketches she started out in.

Film Panel

Debette Goldry is one of my favorite new characters this season, and Gaye Fontaine is a great addition these Women In Film sketches

Kyle Mooney and Leslie Are Still In A Relationship

SNL continuing this as a weird recurring sketch thing is great, and the addition of a wedding and child just adds to it

First Birthday

This is the sort of thing I’ve been missing from the live-in-all-timezones episodes.

Production Logo Meeting

Okay.  More stuff like this, SNL.  As much as many on Twitter are loving that the show is live in all timezones, I miss the edge it could have after a certain hour because it was after the TV watershed.  I’m worried that it’s getting watered down if the writers can’t truly get a little weird and are going for more populist Jimmy Fallon-type humor.

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