SNL Digest: Louis CK (4/8/17)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Louis C.K." Episode 1721 -- Pictured: Louis C.K. -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Louis CK keeps it weird and zags hard in his fourth time as SNL host

It’s easy to see why SNL keeps bringing Louis CK back to host.  He’s been a sketch writer, unsuccessfully auditioned for the show many years ago, and clearly relishes every opportunity he gets to push himself, even if he loses it mid-sketch.  I look forward to his appearances because he always pushes the show in a weird direction that it’s been going to more on the whole this season.  There’s plenty to love here, even with a few political clunkers that I thought were just a little too on the nose rather than hilarious.

What You Missed

Louis CK Monologue

Louis CK is so good at comedy.  Just give him 10 minutes at the top of the show.


This was straight-up weird and I loved it all.  MAYBELLINE

Sock Hoppers

Oh, man, this went exactly where I thought it was going to, then zagged HARD.

Pepsi Ad

The way Beck’s face falls in this is just perfect.

Weekend Update

  • That Colin weed burn was SPOT. ON.
  • “I mean, come on, you’re going to see generals, not Vampire Weekend”
  • Cecilia Jimenez is back!
  • “While the rest are like me and go straight for that butt.”
  • The little Don Rickles shout out there at the end made this comedy nerd happy.

The O’Reilly Factor

DANG, another spot-on impersonation from Alec Baldwin that I was not expecting.  Was hoping for Louis to pop up somewhere here (possibly as Trump, which terrified me in a good way), but this was very well-executed.

Birthday Clown

This was short and sweet and just nailed it.

Sectional Sofa Emporium

Another beautiful hard zag. My favorite live sketch of the night.

Tenement Museum

“Are they just telling Italian jokes?”

What You Didn’t

  • I…didn’t love the cold open?  I wanted to, but it was just a little too close to home for me and didn’t push the funny as much as it needed to.
  • Thank You Scott was a bit on the nose for my taste
  • The Chainsmokers were definitely a musical performance that happened.

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