SNL Digest: Kristen Stewart (2/4/17)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Kristen Stewart" Episode 1717 -- Pictured: (l-r) Musical guest Alessia Cara, host Kristen Stewart, and Leslie Jones pose on February 2, 2017 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Kristen Stewart shows she’s not too cool for SNL with a little help from Melissa McCarthy

Over the past few years, Kristen Stewart has gone from just being That Girl From The Twilight Movies to starring in a few well-acclaimed works by Olivier Assayas, as well as becoming the face of Chanel and Balenciaga.  All of this intro-in is mostly me padding for time since I’m not actually sure what she’s hosting SNL to promote.  There is the fact that the president is obsessed with her relationship with Robert Pattinson – maybe it’s a middle finger if he’s watching?  I’d be all for that if it meant episodes like the one we got tonight.

What You Missed

Cold Open: Trump? Trump.

I love the small details of this sketch, like Kyle’s oversized suit and tie, and making Steve Bannon a complete ghoul.

Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel continues to be my favorite of her impersonations.


That is…an outfit.  And also, this is an excellent callback to the weird obsession Donald Trump has with Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart

US Customs Video

I’m very down with the edited VHS aesthetic of this sketch

Totino’s Ad

A third Totino’s ad!  This one may be my favorite.

Press Secretary Spicer

MELISSA MCCARTHY!  This is perfect and beautiful and I am only now regaining the ability to breathe.

Weekend Update

  • Michael and Colin shredding the new administration gives me hope.
  • I love that they used the thinnest of premises to bring out Keenan’s Big Papi impression again.
  • “And the death penalty for bringing tuna onto an airplane”

Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition

Leslie as Samuel L. Jackson is inspired, and Kate’s Justin Bieber is always welcome.
“Trump Ties: Ties So Long, They Put A Little Tickle In Your Pickle”

Meet Cute

Okay this was adorable.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

The Toast covered this a bit last year but this was also well done.

What You Didn’t Miss

  • Dry Fridays had one joke that it elevated on, but it was still just okay.

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