SNL Digest: Benedict Cumberbatch (11/5/16)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Benedict Cumberbatch" Episode 1709 -- Pictured: Host Benedict Cumberbatch on November 1, 2016 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

Bumbershoot Crumblefort brings British charm to the last pre-election SNL, and things get (Doctor) Strange.

I’m somehow surprised Bendandsnap Cummerbund hasn’t hosted SNL before, given how popular he tends to be.  That said, he’s that popular because of how packed his schedule in, somehow fitting in multiple movies, appearances on the British stage, AND Sherlock these days.  Now that he’s fronting a big Marvel movie (the fantastic Doctor Strange, which might be my favorite Marvel movie after Guardians of the Galaxy and the Captain America movies), it’s time that Bramblebush Crumplepot shows he can do comedy as well as drama.  Did his performance match expectations?

What You Missed

Erin Burnett Out Front

This felt a little deflated after all the debate sketches, but Kate’s “gimme an N!” comment got me good.  The ending was great, though.


I did not expect the first musical monologue of the season to be this one.  This was great, and I will take Leslie Jones teasing the host in every episode.

Koohl Toilet

Well, this was an odd riff on the Apple 1984 ad.

Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?

This went weirdly meta for an SNL gameshow sketch and I loved it.

Office Hours

The new head writers at SNL have a thing for taking common movie/drama tropes and turning them on their ear (see last season’s Dead Poets Society homage) and this was the same way.

Surprise Bachelorette Party

I was on board from the “surprise elderly bachelorette party”, but Benedict as a stripper made me completely lose it.

Weekend Update

  • “A Weiner always pops up at the worst possible time”
  • Michael Che’s “we are all the same” speech was lovely
  • Church Lady!
  • The Cubs ft. Bill Murray were the most pleasant of surprises.  Chicago has such history with SNL it’s great to see them celebrate the Cubs’ win as much as Chicago has.

Gemma & Ricky

“We met in that Male Body Acceptance workshop?”

Cecily’s terrible British Gemma remains one of my favorite recurring characters

Criminal Mastermind

Love those quiet moments at the evil mastermind’s office.  Also riddles.  I love riddles.

Meeting with Mr. Shaw

My favorite thing about SNL this year is how straight-up weird it’s willing to go and commit to.  This sketch is a perfect example.  Benedict Cumberbatch as a valet to a bird person.

What You Didn’t Miss

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