5 Awesome Things from Nashville – Scarlett Fakes Joy

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Luke continues his anti-homophobia crusade but now critics wonder why his gay artist is keeping quiet. So Mr. Wheeler invites Will to appear in a joint radio interview. But then Luke gets called to Fort Benning after Colt is injured and an ambivalent Will must interview solo.

Rayna and Deacon see a marriage counselor. Juliette and Noah shack up at her house (post hook-up) so they can see if they actually like each other. Avery and Layla look forward to a perfect night following their Bluebird show, but he’s too worried/jealous about Cadence/Juliette/Noah to really enjoy the moment.

During Autumn and The Exes’ tour break in Chicago, Scarlett attends a photo shoot for the headphones ad while Autumn whisks Gunnar off to Boston for an Elton John concert. Elton pretends to be interested in Gunnar’s rising career, we pretend to be interested in Elton’s new single, and Autumn pretends to have human emotions.1

Here are 5 awesome things from last week’s Nashville

Jules sticks it to Avery with a new relationship he can’t complain about I really enjoyed Juliette’s cool, collected “eat shit” face she was giving Avery after his awkward introduction to Noah (which occurs just as he’s dropping Cadence off before the Bluebird show). At first he pretends to be concerned about Jules and Noah’s whirlwind relationship for Cadence’s sake.2 Jules says, “Avery, he’s a good guy. And Cadence is too young to understand, which is why I’ve never had a problem with her spending time with Layla.” LOL – good diss and good parenting!

Alas, while Noah is great househusband material,3 he and Jules don’t have much in common.4 For once Jules has the wisdom to avoid that trap, and the two part ways amicably.

Fake happy Blondie returns! Scarlett is miserable about Gunnar going to Boston with Autumn, something she tries to hide during the photo shoot. Turns out the ad concept involves each musician-model representing a different emotion while listening to her own music. Blondie’s assigned feeling is “joy”. Hahahaha!! Luckily the photographer is one of them ball-busting feminist types (“I don’t need you to tell her how to feel!”) and she quickly senses — like any person with a modicum of empathy — that Scarlett is not feeling joyful. Of course, Scarlett pretends really hard that she’s so damn happy listening to her own tear-jerky love songs and it’s quite painful to watch. But once the photographer calls bullshit, we see Blondie’s true tortured face. Later, Scarlett admits to herself5 that she’s in love with Gunnar, which terrifies her. Wait’ll she finds out he’s now sexing Autumn!

So what is the deal with Rayna and Deacon? Here’s the head shrinker’s analysis on #Reacon’s “inevitable” romance – she has a pattern of attaching herself to disappointing men6 and he’s stuck in an endless cycle of bad behavior followed by guilt for all the awful stuff he’s ever done to her. The solution? He needs to get over the guilt and she needs to really forgive. But also, they need to figure out what each of them are getting out of this. Yeesh, this shit is messy!

Naturally, Deacon wants to throw in the towel ASAP because one therapy appointment didn’t fix them. This makes Rayna mad, but neither is she ready to start forgiving. But after a long, sleepless night they hold hands in bed, so maybe they will work toward a healthier relationship after all.

Will helped a rando come out During his interview Will again dodges questions about his sexuality, saying he represents no one other than himself. When he returns home that night, he finds a stranger waiting in the shadows for him. Don’t worry, no beatdowns this week! It’s a gay fan who came out because he was so moved by Will’s example. The fan’s “thank you” inspires Will to tackle conservative, anti-gay pundit Cynthia Davis all by his lonesome. Good on you, Will.

Personally, I thought Will’s “I don’t wanna talk about it” stance was totally legit and that Luke was being an ass for pushing the issue and endangering his artist. But it turns out Colt got injured fighting other recruits who were mocking his SJW father. “I’m proud of you, Dad,” the young man declares from his hospital bed.7 Argh, it pisses me off that Luke is being rewarded for his reckless grandstanding, but I guess he is a slightly more evolved person than he used to be.

Layla’s new strategy will be her undoing Layla takes note when Avery sneaks off to call Juliette after the Bluebird performance.8 As #LayVery make plans for the rest of their evening, he mentions dropping by Juliette’s house to check on the baby. Layla is too smart to complain about that directly, so instead she whines about Rayna missing the show and ruining her supposed-to-be-perfect night. Avery promises to make it all better and voluntarily ditches the pit stop to show his devotion. Evil Zooey Deschanel grins with self-satisfaction as soon as he turns his back..

Ah, but this is the flaw in her “take over Juliette’s life” plan. Jules may be a self-absorbed hater, but she’s way too proud to beg for pity. I predict this “feel sorry for me” shtick is gonna turn Avery off pretty soon,9 though maybe not before the series ends. SIGH! These characters will live on in my imagination.

  1. Sociopath alert!  
  2. Stranger danger!  
  3. He cooks! He soothes a teething baby with a wooden spoon!  
  4. He hates Tommy Boy, one of her fave movies  
  5. and her very confused manager, whose name I always forget  
  6. Thanks, Lamar!  
  7. Is this the head injury talking?  
  8. Jules had called during the show to get some teething advice, and it KILLS Avery to learn Noah has already “saved the day.” To quote The Tick “SPOON!”  
  9. He’s already exhausted with the media attention around their new relationship. Oh also, he’s still in love with Jules.  

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