5 Awesome Things from Nashville: Elevator Music

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Rayna and Deacon hire a lawyer to deal with Maddie’s emancipation bid, then learn jailbird Teddy is the only dad allowed to chime in on the proceedings. Rayna pays her ex-husband a prison visit and is shocked to discover he’s actually taking Maddie’s request seriously. But once Teddy learns his shady deal with Edgehill1 is item #2 on Maddie’s shit list, he realizes he’s gonna have to back his ex-wife up on this one.2 Meanwhile, Daphne keeps texting Maddie, because they’re supposed to perform at Rayna’s next Grand Ole Opry gig and also she’s HEARTBROKEN over her big sister’s plan to divorce them. But Cash and the lawyer lady tell Maddie to just ignore her sister’s messages, cuz it’s probably just Rayna being sneaky.3

Juliette is thrilled to be back on Luke’s tour, but Avery can’t stand being around her. He hides out on Layla’s bus,4 where an impromptu work session leads to an unexpected kiss. Though Avery likes Layla, he later tells her he can’t handle getting into a relationship with all this baby mama drama happening at the same time. Meanwhile, Jules fibs when she tells Avery that Glenn wants him to perform during her set. Glenn learns of her lie and tells Juliette she needs to stop manipulating Avery and start being honest. Naturally, she takes that advice WAY too close to heart.

Scarlett assumes Gunnar hooked up with Autumn, so she’s giving him the cold shoulder.5 He confronts her pissy attitude and the two have it out in a hotel elevator. Then a power outage occurs and — surprise, it’s TV! — they’re trapped.

Luke is ready to introduce Will to country music radio, but only three people show up for his showcase cuz they’re all so effing homophobic. So Luke resorts to another plan, involving the patron saint of unfair Music City drama – that’s right, Robin Roberts.

More about that in a minute. Here are 5 awesome things from last week’s Nashville

I love when Deacon acts like a blustering hick For all his historic drunky drama and anger management issues, I <3 Deacon because he's so damned sensitive. And even when his deep feels make his brain stop working, I love him still. Example – the attorney breaks the news that Teddy is the only non-Rayna legal guardian who has any say in Maddie's emancipation hearing. Deacons sputters, "Look, I'm her biological father, all right? So don't tell me I don't have any rights here!" Um, he's a lawyer, dude. He knows the rules way better than you. Also, YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE RIGHT. Now go put your feels into some music and jam out with Daphne because she may have to play solo at the Opry.

GMA = Gay Men Allowed! After Will’s showcase snafu, Luke uses his next appearance on Good Morning America as an opportunity to introduce his new artist to the world. Of course, Robin Roberts is totes on board with this change of plans, cuz she’s a mensch.6 Will looks so happy, glowing and adorable, and all the girls in the audience scream like they have a chance. Success, correct? Almost. Luke does well by admitting on live TV that he made a mistake in canning Will before, but then goes on to publicly criticize country radio in a way that will surely bite him in the ass later. But maybe he can just go back to RR’s confessional and make that all better, too.

Scarlett and Gunnar make beautiful elevator music For a second, it looks like extra-mopey, often-miserable “old Scarlett” is back, judging by the way she’s skulking around in granny’s winter woolens. But once she and Gunnar get stuck in the lift, she quickly reveals what’s really eating her. It isn’t so much that he sexed Autumn, it’s that Autumn pretended to be her friend but turned out to be a “lyin’, backstabbing cougar.” Atta girl! Gunnar clarifies that he didn’t do it with Autumn7 because he didn’t want to create any weirdness for the band. So instead of fighting, The Exes get drunk on some 18 year old scotch Scarlett was going to give to Autumn, and rehearse. This culminates in Scarlett stripping off her ginormous sweater and afghan toque while the two perform a steamy rendition of season 1’s “If I Didn’t Know Better”. Just as they’re leaning in for a kiss — surprise, it’s TV! — the elevator doors pop open to a crew of hotel workers. Dang it, are these two goofballs ever gonna hook up again?

They totally hook up in Scarlett’s hotel room, all drunk and sweaty like NORMAL PEOPLE do. No dead brothers or mothers. No specter of tragedy. This time their consummation is actually pretty hot. Well done, kids!

“Everything’s Coming Up Layla!” This is what Glenn says when Layla bitches that he’s giving all his attention to Juliette even though he said she’s his current #1 client. He makes some great points in his defense – she’s focusing on the negative, her music video with Avery is a hit with the label, and her overlap with Jules’s audience will pay off in the long run. This cheers her up. And then, just to make Layla’s day extra awesome, Avery changes his mind about their “no sex” policy and appears at her hotel room door that very night. Three cheers for Ms. Grant!

::AIRHORN:: Glenn may be truly looking out for her best interests, but Avery only wants someone to take his mind off Juliette (who confessed her undying love for him that very evening in her new bid to be “honest”). This will not end well for Layla, but she survived a beard marriage and a dead boyfriend so I think she’ll be okay?

Rayna threatens Cash Cash thinks she’s meeting with a label head about signing Maddie but Rayna sneaks in instead, leading to a sizzling confrontation. Of course, Cash plays it like she’s the saint saving Maddie from “a controlling mother and crazy father” so she doesn’t miss out any grand opportunities. “I care about her too much to let that happen,” she says.

Rayna shoots back, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t care about her at all. You care about yourself. And let me tell you one thing, Nashville is such a small town. If you keep going down this road, I guarantee you I will make sure that no one — from Music Row to Lower Broad — ever works with you again.” YESSSS. Someone needed to call out this nonsense.

Satisfying as that was, it backfires. When Maddie starts having second thoughts about emancipation (after a heartfelt run-in with her mom), Cash reveals what Rayna said to her. Again, Mother becomes Mad’s #1 enemy. The elder daughter dutifully shows up for the Opry gig, just to perform with Daphne. But then she tells Deacon and Rayna to peace out. OOF! Is this really happening? Just be careful with those contract negotiations, Maddie. Remember what Sony did to Kesha!

  1. Remember when he was gonna sell Maddie out so Jeff the dead skeevy exec wouldn’t reveal his involvement with a prostitute? HOW DARE YOU JUDGE RAYNA, TEDDY!  
  2. But he also has to explain this to Maddie when she visits him later that day, so now she knows all about it.  
  3. What is with everyone purposely misunderstanding Rayna’s good character this week??  
  4. Where she’s graciously given up her bedroom so he can share that space with baby Cadence – an act so selfless it seriously caused him to have a panic attack in the last episode  
  5. Also, her shoulders must be literally freezing, judging by the enormous knit layers she’s wearing most of this episode  
  6. Remember when she let Rayna and Deacon confess on live TV that Maddie is their love child?!  
  7. Even though she would have introduced him to James Taylor, his lifelong idol as of two episodes ago!  

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