5 Awesome Things from Nashville: Juliette’s Back!!!

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

She’s here, she’s finally here!!!1 After another successful mommy/daughter date with Baby Cadence, Juliette is officially ready to check out of treatment. Immediately upon returning home, she’s offered a plum role in a Steven Spielberg film. This will mean two weeks away from her daughter. But that’s only six visitation hours total. Would Avery be willing to allow her more time with the kid if she turns down the role? Awkward can o’ worms opening in three, two…

Frankie doesn’t invite Deacon to his 15 years sober AA celebration2 and D-man rightly assumes his business partner still resents him for bumping his show the prior week. So Deacon offers him an impromptu opening gig at the Beverly’s next show, and Frankie’s anniversary date changes again.

Rayna is busy juggling a new artist showcase for Layla while trying to pressure the investigator on Vita’s case to do more for her missing friend.3 Fortunately, Layla rocks the showcase, guaranteeing some love from country radio. She also makes a big impression on everyone’s-favorite-country-star-we’ve-never-met-before, Autumn Chase (who’s looking for a tour opener).

Will’s determined to self-publish but needs to get his hands on those songs he wrote with Kevin. So he approaches Luke, asking if Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records will release ’em. Luke seems ambivalent, but gets an “I’m joining the Army” call from Colt and hightails it out of the office before giving Will an answer.

And, of course, there’s a show at the Bluebird. It’s The Exes performing. Layla brings new buddy Autumn to see them and STUFF HAPPENS. More about that in a minute. Here are 5 Awesome Things from last week’s Nashville

Juliette’s back!!! I give the show credit for managing to entertain during her absence but OH MY GOD WE’VE MISSED YOU, JULES!!! She looks great4 but more than that, she’s being a great mom. This is the first time we see Jules handle Baby Cadence with love and self-assurance, and it really is a beautiful thing. Also, she’s behaving like a mature adult in every way – asking Avery directly for more daughter time, understanding when he says “no”, apologizing to him for being an asshole, not expecting his forgiveness, etc. She takes the role — not out of spite, but because it really is fabulous opportunity — and successfully convinces Avery to let her come over and put Cadence to bed the night before she leaves for the shoot. The scene when Avery weeps while listening to her sing their daughter to sleep is some of Jonathan Jackson’s best crying on this show, which says a lot.

Later, at a studio press conference, a reporter asks Juliette about being a working mom. And in typical Jules form, she abruptly announces that she’s just gotten out of treatment, needs to be with her kid, and promptly quits the film. Mic drop! After learning that she stuck around town, Avery offers Juliette more time with Cadence. She says she didn’t quit the film to pressure him. He says he didn’t change his mind just because she quit. Hmm, maybe it isn’t over for these two.

We meet Luke’s dad and he’s the realest person ever on this show Colt’s been living with Luke’s strict, no-fun dad ever since their falling out over Jeff’s death. Obviously, Granddad has been a big influence on Colt’s sudden obsession with hard work and personal responsibility. Luke blames “Sarge” for brainwashing his kid into joining the Army. This leads to a confrontation, in which Sarge snarls at his adult son for not really supporting the troops. “You’ll sing for ’em. You just won’t let your kid be one of ’em.” Ooooh! Whatever, Sarge. Your charge of “hypocrisy” gets a big ol’ eyeroll from this hippie critic, but god you sound so real. Also, great job casting a guy who looks like your average angry, old, crusty, white American dude, and not some silver fox like Powers Booth. This guy comes off as the real deal and I hope for Luke’s sake that we never see him again.

Drunk Frankie is the new “bitchiest” Now that both Layla and Juliette are so centered and gracious, who’s gonna be the mean one? Well, give Frankie a couple swigs and he could give lessons in bitter cruelty. Dude shows up to his gig WASTED and immediately begins yelling at audience members. Cash and Deacon see what’s up and D-man drags him away from the stage. As soon as they’re alone, Frankie unleashes all his built-up resentment. “You erased me, dammit!…From the second you hung that sign out there with your dead sister’s name on it.” Ooh, dang. Good thing Frankie passes out on a couch before Deacon has to punch his lights out, and the two make up the next morning. Deacon admits he’s been steamrolling his partner. Frankie takes responsibility for falling off the wagon. They all go to a meeting with Cash, who still loves her dad even though he effed up. Now we can go back to hating her which is great, because I think I know who’s in line for new bitchiest!!

Layla loses again It’s not so bad, really — she’s clearly on track for a hit album! — but Layla is crushed when Autumn picks The Exes to be her opening act. And it doesn’t help that she can’t get in touch with her only friend, Avery (who’s busy making nice with Jules). Oh boy, if she has to watch him fall back in love with the woman who is inadvertently responsible for her last boyfriend’s death… But then she can write so many angsty songs about it, which is totally her thing now!

Will wins for once Still pissed at Luke for blowing him off, Will barges into his office and demands the songs he wrote. Will’s a bit taken aback (mainly because he was honestly distracted by family drama and not trying to be a dick) but agrees to release the songs anyway… unless Will would like to come back to Wheelin’ Dealin’ records. Swayed by Colt’s positive example, i.e, his willingness to do something that feels right even if it’s scary, Luke admits that he should never have fired Will after he came out.5 Will accepts his apology and his offer, and things are finally looking up for Mr. Lexington. That only took three years!

  1. These are also the first words I said the moment my daughter was born, right after “AGHHHH!!!!”  
  2. Which we know to be inaccurate since we last saw Frankie chugging booze in a stock room  
  3. Too bad he has several other missing women cases and no leads. But the Queen is gonna do something about this, by gum!  
  4. Both she and Hayden Panetierre, who left the show to address her real life post partum depression. Yay, Hayden!  
  5. p.s. Luke totally signed the waiver for Colt. Can’t wait until Maddie hears about this!  

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