Fit to Fat to Fit: Seth and Dave

Photo: A&E
Photo: A&E

Fit to Fat to Fit has more issues than Men’s Health. Also: body hair.

Seth and Dave

Meet Seth! He is a 32-year-old trainer in Florida who has been in the industry for 5 years. He claims that he got his body by doing yoga. Yoga AND bodybuilding, right? He has a giant gross hipster beard and mansplains that being fat is a choice. “You’ve got the tools, you know what to do, now shut your mouth and do it.” Except that a lot of people DON’T have the tools or know what to do.

Meet Dave! He is a 38-year-old IT tech. He is married with two kids and was honorably discharged from the military for being too fat. I didn’t know that was a thing that could happen. He started taking heartburn meds because he didn’t want to change his diet. That doesn’t bode well. He and his family are big into hockey, which is very odd for people who live in South Florida. Dave’s wife is concerned that he might die. Not to be a dick, but I don’t think this will work unless the whole family makes a change. It’s not good when one person is trying to get healthy and the other folks in the house are eating whatever. Watch any episode of My 600-Pound Life and you’ll see what I mean.

The Consultation

Seth comes to the house and beelines for the kitchen. “I’m already freaking out a bit,” he says, before he has even opened a cabinet. He claims sugar is “worse for you than crack cocaine.” Can I just disagree really quick right here? Sugar will not kill you in one sitting, and crack could. Also sugar is sometimes beneficial, and crack cocaine never is. Seth says he will gain a lot of weight in the next four months, and Dave is interested to see how Seth will handle getting himself addicted/weaned to/from fast food.

Fit to Fat

Seth’s first meal is a smorgasbord of unhealthy foods. He plans to go from 178 lb to 228 lb, so you gotta eat. “I literally feel my pants getting tighter,” says Seth, who has apparently never eaten a lot at once. He compares himself to hitting the wall in a marathon with his big meal. Indeed, he ends up puking all over the ground outside, because he has a horrible relationship with food. “I thought it’d be a celebration, where every meal is a cheat meal.” Wow, you guys. This one legit has an eating disorder. This weight-gain period will be Interesting with a capital I.

He has gained 18 pounds in two weeks and has kind of found his rhythm by drinking tons of sodas and eating sweets. He is really, really enjoying this. After two months he has gained 33 pounds. Yikes. The doctor says he is at risk for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and he literally says “that’s not going to happen to me. I’m not worried at all about my health.” What a moron.

Seth demonstrates how his clothes don’t fit anymore. Sure enough, he looks huskier. He’s having an identity crisis. “A large part of who I am is based on my appearance,” he says through his ugly beard. He develops acid reflux and is repulsed by food.

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