SNL Digest: Jonah Hill (3/5/16)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Jonah Hill" Episode 1697 -- Pictured: (l-r) Musical guest Future, host Jonah Hill, and Leslie Jones on March 3, 2016 -- (Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

The best parts of Jonah Hill’s latest SNL hosting stint are the parts where he appears the least.

Back before SNL Digest lived here on What Else is On, I was posting these elsewhere.  Jonah Hill hosted during this time, and it was the first time I got to write up the process of really disliking an episode of SNL in realtime.  It was nice to have Jonah back as a host to see if it was just an off episode, or if we truly have differing senses of humor.  The latter appears to be true – the parts of the show I liked best this week were the parts that involved the host the least.

It’s also worth noting that in the two years since he last hosted, I did in fact find the mash-up sweater the lead singer of Bastille wore in their performances.  It’s pretty awesome.

What You Missed:

CNN Election Center

This was a nice way to summarize everything that’s happened in this wild week of politics.  Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump and Bobby Moynihan’s Chris Christie are superb as always, as is Kate McKinnon’s Hilary, Taran’s Ted Cruz, and Jason Sudeikis (!!!) as Mitt Romney.

Voters for Trump

The quiet reveal here is really beautiful comedy

The Champ

This maybe went on for a minute longer than it needed to, but had a quiet humor to it the rest of the night felt like it had been lacking.

High School Auction

The concept of this sketch is fun, although Taran and Jonah ostensibly playing Arab characters felt a little poorly done to me.

Weekend Update

  • The Weekend Update coverage of the OJ Simpson news this week was great.
  • See also: Update talking about some rich asshole’s mentions at the GOP debate
  • The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Spoken to at a Party!
    “If you’re not part of the sudoku, you’re part of the answer”
    “Why do we need superdelegates?  Can’t we just talk to Superman directly?”
  • Vanessa and Kate re-enacting the Flossie Dickey video from earlier this week is perfect
  • I would subscribe to But Why Though Weekly.
  • Jay Pharaoh running through his impressions of black comedians was impressive.

Murder Mystery

I would watch this entire movie.

Inside SoCal

I love Good Neighbor, and things like this are why.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • I like the bit between Jonah and Kyle in the monologue, but the bit between Jonah and Future was awkward.
  • The Fond Du Lac Action News sketch was not great.  These were not good Wisconsin accents, and the only joke here appears to be “Midwesterners talk over one another”
  • Jonah seems to go straight for “loud and vulgar” as a character trait and it’s not great in the Silver Star Catering sketch

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