Fit to Fat to Fit: Carrie and Kenlee

Fat to Fit

Kenlee is crying on the way to their first session, saying she loves Carrie and loves her sacrifice. Carrie: “I think she’s expecting me to save her in every single way. I think she expects me to be her best friend.” God DAMN ALMIGHTY, this girl thinks REALLY highly of herself. Meanwhile, Kenlee is just really attached, and it’s already creepy. Carrie’s BMI is barely into the overweight range, but she is strutting around like she is very proud of “how fat” she’s gotten. Ugh. Kenlee’s goal is to lose 50 pounds and get to 143. So she, like many of these morons, has done literally nothing to lose weight in the last four months. Always a good sign.

Carrie goes through a workout and has lost zero fitness. I think this bitch was cheating and working out the whole time. Carrie is basically showing off how amazing she is for Kenlee, as Kenlee just stands there watching. “I’m alive!” Carrie keeps repeating. In an interview, Kenlee is like “Remember me? I’m the one who’s been dreaming about you for four months!” WHOA. What the FUCK is up with BOTH of these bitches? Carrie is totally ignoring her client, and Kenlee is “putting her on a saint pedestal.” Not shitting you, those were Kenlee’s exact words.

In their first workout together, Carrie is constantly rubbing her fitness in Kenlee’s face, and making her feel like a lazy piece of shit. I think out of all the trainers they have had on this show, Carrie is the most narcissistic and clueless. The combination of her with this extremely needy client is breathtaking. Carrie finally struggles a bit with the workout and I think that helps them get along better.

As they continue to work out together, Carrie bitches about how her “muscles are nothing.” What Would Clare Do? Clare would not be bitching about how fat I felt or how weak I felt in front of a client (a CLIENT.) who is fatter and weaker. Kenlee doesn’t seem to mind, since she has a crazy crush on Carrie. After 7 weeks, Carrie is upset that she doesn’t have a six-pack yet, and she has been hovering around 150. What the hell, that is pathetic. Meanwhile, Kenlee has only lost 8 pounds, which is even worse. “You’re gaining muscle!” Carrie justifies. Errrrrr, not really. Meanwhile, Carrie’s excuse is that she (Carrie) is drinking too much tequila. Well, as long as you have a great reason. *cough* Seriously, though, I am astonished that this moron thinks she is going to get back to her starting weight with a diet that includes alcohol. If I go on vacation and have a few drinks a day, I can’t lose weight for two weeks afterward!


Carrie has gotten her body back and is playing on those stupid fucking trapeze things again. Yes, I am biased. She is down to 133 pounds, so she is several pounds heavier than her starting weight. She looks fine. I really can’t bring myself to care about this horrible woman. Meanwhile, Needy Kenlee has lost weight, but looks different mostly because of a makeover. “I love Carrie! She changed my life!” Kenlee makes me want to get a restraining order. She has lost 27 pounds, falling far short of her 50 pound goal. *shrug*

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