Fit to Fat to Fit: Carrie and Kenlee

Photo: A&E
Photo: A&E

Fit to Fat to Fit has some girl-on-girl action. With a side of codependence.

Carrie and Kenlee

Meet Carrie! She is 27 and a trainer in Salt Lake City with her own gym. “I inspire people just by walking into the room.” Whatever, lady. She thinks overweight people are playing the victim. “I get it. They’re really unhappy, and it shows in their body.” Well, as long as you get it, Carrie.

Meet Kenlee! She is 33 and a mother of two. She weighs 190 lb and claims she is “80 pounds overweight.” What is she, 4’8”? Because she doesn’t look that fat. She works full-time and eats out a lot. Her daughter is becoming a porker and it’s all Kenlee’s fault.

The Consultation

Carrie self-righteously tells Kenlee that she will be gaining weight for the next four months. That is the entirety of the consultation.

Fit to Fat

Carrie’s fiancé (who is giving me serious “gay bear” vibes, but then again this is Salt Lake City) takes her out for gigantic burgers. “Carrie really wants to be able to empathize with people,” Bear Man says. I love how eagerly Carrie admits that she is unable to empathize with people. Carrie continues to eat a lot, and frankly she just looks gross when she shoves the food down. Her plan is to gain 34 lb and get up to 160. I am unimpressed. Turns out Bear Man is going to gain weight with her, so this will be fun. Gotta have that enabler in your house in order to gain more of an understanding. Carrie is positively gleeful about eating shitty food. Bear Man’s facial hair is contagious, because Carrie grows an impressive moustache throughout this process. The ‘stache is more sizeable than her gut.

In two months she is up 19 pounds. Then she loses 3 pounds in one week. What the fuck? Is she still working out or something? “I’m not going to live like Kenlee, eating fast food in my car every day.” What a judgmental cunt this one is. Bear Man tells her to suck it up and live the lifestyle. Bear Man: Unlikely Voice of Reason. The scale starts going back up, and she starts feeling shittier physically from the crappy food. After 26 pounds, her pants no longer fit. I am shocked that didn’t happen sooner. She is fighting with Bear Man a lot because she has a wicked case of the CarboCrankies. In their last meal, she is crying and says she has “nothing left to give” while eating chicken and waffles. Okay, Drama Queen. She made it to 161 pounds and looks like a thin woman in her fifth month of pregnancy. Big whoop. She and her fiancé are crying and saying “it’s over! You never have to do that again!” I guess she isn’t planning to ever be in the fifth month of a pregnancy. That is probably for the best.

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