Fit to Fat to Fit: Corey and Raela

Fat to Fit

Corey is up to 261 pounds, for a 56-pound gain. He is psyched. He meets Raela at his training studio and I see that he has posters of himself everywhere. What a douche. Anyway, Raela weighs 253 pounds, meaning she has gained 16 pounds since she introduced herself. That’s not a good sign. She wants to lose 85 pounds, which…good luck, I guess. I think Corey should have helped her choose a more realistic goal, but if we didn’t have shitty trainers on this show, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch.

Their first workout is intense and involves a lot of slogans. “Pain don’t matter! Get used to the burn,” and shit like that. Corey is in horrible shape and can barely do anything. “This is harder than I thought it was gonna be,” says Corey, who like Alex last week seems to have no idea what deconditioning is.

After 30 minutes at a local park, Raela is ready to quit. “You cannot create change without challenge,” Corey says. What Would Clare Do? Listen to the client, validate her feelings, and talk to her (without using slogans) about changing the inner monologue from “I can’t” to “I will.” Sure enough, when Corey starts being more real, Raela responds, and they start doing shuttle runs together. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye. Over the next several weeks, they work out together as partners at his studio. After two weeks, they’ve both lost about 20 pounds each. Holy shit.

They continue to work out together. I will say this for Corey: he has the best form on this show since Adonis. It’s a welcome change from the frosted-tipped and spiky-haired douchebags we’ve seen a few times. Raela starts having trouble with energy levels and lashes out when it’s pointed out to her. What Would Clare Do? Don’t accuse the client of not trying their best. Instead make it about fixing the problem. “I notice you have less energy today than usual, like you have less to give to the workout today. How has your diet been? Have you been sleeping well? Can we fix this?” Going through the potential setbacks often helps the client to identify confidence problems on their own, which is better than talking at the client. Raela decides she needs to believe in herself more.


Corey is in insane shape. I think he is even bigger (more muscular) than he was before. He is down to 199 pounds, which is 6 pounds under his starting weight. Wow. Raela looks great and weighs 199 as well, for a loss of 54 pounds. I knew 85 pounds was a ridiculous goal, but 54 is great and reasonable. Godspeed, Raela!

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