Fit to Fat to Fit: Corey and Raela

Photo: A&E
Photo: A&E

Fit to Fat to Fit gives us a dull, textbook trainer/client relationship. Yawn.

Corey and Raela

Meet Corey! He is 27 and has been a trainer for 5 years in Atlanta. “Exercise is crack to me,” he says, as they show him doing plyometrics under an overpass. He likes to see his clients uncomfortable and hating their workouts. Corey sounds fun. Cough.

Meet Raela! She is 31 and a customer service rep. She eats all the time and loves sweets and junk food. She does not love being fat. She wants to look in the mirror and see something she likes. Her friends are supportive, which should be helpful. Raela worries that a trainer will be judgmental of her. This guy probably will, yeah.

The Consultation

They meet at her house, where Corey asks about her past. Turns out Raela’s dad died when she was 6 of obesity-related illness, and turning to food is comfortable for her. Corey says he is dedicated to his clients “to a fault,” which is interesting considering he likes to see them in misery. But the point is he is going to gain 60 pounds. Raela says he is crazy, but she doesn’t want to let him down.

Fit to Fat

Corey starts his journey by going to a bunch of Atlanta restaurants and getting the most delicious foods he can. Good call. Donuts, pizza, burgers, Corey is loving them all. He claims he is eating “close to 4600 calories,” but honestly, that is a major underestimate if his food orders are actually being consumed. I mean, the dude ate about 2000 calories in donuts alone. By week 2 he has a beautiful 5-months-pregnant belly, likely because he is retaining a ton of water in his abdomen. He is eating chili dogs for breakfast and eating deep-fried everything. “I feel like a bodybuilder,” he says, which is stunningly accurate, for those readers who have ever done a weight-gain regimen. He has gained 25 pounds in 4 weeks. He claims that this is PROOF that if you can’t lose weight, it’s because your diet “ain’t right.” Um, no, Corey. No. All this proves is that if you jam yourself with chili dogs, you will gain weight.

Corey is so thrilled with himself, you guys. He claims it is extremely rewarding to see the scale go up. Let’s go all caps for this point: THIS IS WHY THIS FUCKING SHOW IS BULLSHIT. Normally, when people gain weight into obesity, it is not because they want to. When I have gained weight in the past, it’s been the result of stress and helplessness. Getting on the scale and seeing it go up is not cause for celebration in most people, yet they claim the trainers who go through this are somehow learning how difficult obesity is? ARRRRRRRGH. Anyway, after 4 months Corey has gained 32 pounds, meaning he only gained 7 pounds in the second month. Lame.

Oh, now that Corey has giant tits, he is starting to feel crappy and unhealthy. Imagine that! He is training his clients while sitting on a rolling chair, which makes me LOL. He is getting cranky and insecure. I find it interesting that every single trainer on this show has gone through the same process of absolutely loving the weight gain for two months, then feeling like a pile of stinky garbage for two months. The entire time, though, there is an incredible determination to be as fat as possible, which negates the actual learning experience that they could be having. By the final day, Corey is glad his days of eating 8000 calories a day are almost over.

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