Fit to Fat to Fit: Adonis and Alissa

Photo: A&E
Photo: A&E

It’s a Fit to Fat to Fit first: an annoying client!

A&E’s new series, Fit to Fat to Fit, is still trucking along. In case you haven’t been watching (if you haven’t: congratulations), it’s about personal trainers who gain weight so they can lose it with their clients. Back in the first recap, I hypothesized that it would be fun to make fun of these lean Adonis types. Little did I know we’d meet an actual Adonis.

Adonis and Alissa

Meet Adonis! Despite his ridiculous name, he is NOT currently playing cornerback for the St. Louis Rams. He is 34 years old, from Brooklyn, and has been a trainer for 5 years. Being fit makes him happy, and he wants to bring that happiness to others. Adonis sounds like the only trainer on the show so far who is in this business for the right reasons. I’m guessing because he came to it later in life. The difference between him and obese people is work ethic. “You gotta do the work,” he says. I mean, he’s not wrong, but that’s pretty simplifying.

Meet Alissa! She is a 34-year-old school administrator in the Bronx. She loves carbs and chips. Food makes her happy when she has a bad day. She has been heavy her whole life and wants to be thin and snag a man.

The Consultation

Adonis meets with Alissa and they talk about how she puts pressure on herself to not fail, so she doesn’t try (to lose weight). She puts her energy into things she is good at, i.e. not fitness. Damn, I relate to this girl. I got into marathoning because I sucked at it, and I figured it was time to do things I wasn’t naturally awesome at. Adonis says he will do it with her, and he will gain “60, 70, 80 pounds.” Now we’re talking! Alissa is excited because she loves competition.

Fit to Fat

You will be thrilled to know that Adonis has a rock-solid strategy to gain weight: eat constantly. It’s just crazy enough to work! Since he eats primarily for fuel and not for pleasure, this ought to be interesting. He is starting at 217 and hopes to gain 70 lb in 4 months. His first giant meal with his friends is pretty staggering. I feel like he is making the classic mistake of eating too much grease. That’s a one-way ticket to NauseaLand.

By week 2, Adonis is enjoying the freedom of eating everything he has ever wanted to eat, to the tune of 7000 calories a day. Cut to shots of chili dogs, cupcakes, donuts, Kool-aid, pizza, etc. He is enjoying all of this, saying he looks forward to eating. This food is addictive, dude. He is going along gaining tons of weight, positively gleeful about all of this. He goes out a lot and even dates more as a “fatter” guy. Halfway through he has already gained 46 pounds.

But wait, not all is bliss. Nothing fits him anymore. He starts wanting to stay at home because he doesn’t want to be seen and he’s not motivated to get up early to train his clients. His body has started to crave bad food, and he describes it as “almost an addiction.” He feels like shit, and he has trouble breathing when he sleeps. “No one should have to feel that way,” he says. In week 15 he goes to the doctor because his chest has been tight. All of a sudden, Adonis talks about how he used to be obese, and fitness saved his life, so that’s why he is doing this project. WHAT? So basically he didn’t need to do this experiment at all? This show…Jesus. Anyway, back to the appointment. His blood pressure is 160/122. Eek. The doctor tells him to stop gaining weight and eat healthy again. Fortunately, he was close to his goal, and close to the end of the weight-gain period.

Adonis and Alissa meet up and she immediately starts crying. He got up to 286 pounds, and needs to lose 69 to return to his starting weight. Alissa wants to get to 233 pounds, so she has to lose 75. I guess she didn’t bother losing any weight in the 4 months prior, huh?

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