The Bachelor Rules of the Rose Vegas Baby!

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

This week on The Bachelor, Ben & Co. head to Sin City for some party time? Rest and Relaxation? A big old hot mess!

This week on The Bachelor, Ben and his lady-friends head to Las Vegas. Olivia is freaking and can’t handle it, that’s how exciting it COULD be.  But then Ben is in an old school Cadillac convertible and there’s an illuminated-sign for the women outside of their hotel and it’s all too much…in the worst way.  So let’s quickly move to the dates.

First up, Jojo gets a one-on-one and Olivia tells us she’s not threatened by anyone’s time with him, ‘he’s mine.’  If I had to guess he’ll be making out with Jojo in no time.  But before we get out of the hotel, the twins are working out together in tandem – no literally one behind the other on the treadmill.  I can’t make this stuff up. But I digress, off Jojo and Ben go…to the roof of the hotel, luckily just to have a pre-helicopter glass of bubbly, because it’s a good idea to be a little tipsy on a small aircraft.  They take a ride and have dinner and there are fireworks, literally, all of the other women are jealous, full disclosure, I’m also a little jealous.

Good thing her group date is coming up or Olivia’s separation anxiety from The Bachelor might become unbearable for both of us.  The date card said ‘Show me what you got.’  It’s a talent show lead by famed Vegas puppeteer and ventriloquist Terry Fader.  It’s an on stage competition no one is ready for it except the Twins who are ready to put on their dancing shoes.  On stage the women are given a choice of props and costumes to help in their talent decision.  Somehow there is conveniently a cello for cellist Jubilee to play.  Some of the women think Olivia has a hidden talent.  She tells Ben there’s a surprise from a different side of her and it’s clear she’s willing to do whatever it takes.  But wait, tonight, there will be an audience.  It’s all a relative hot mess, especially when Olivia steps out or under or next to a faux cake in full on showgirl sequined bikini and headdress.  We’re mortified and then she’s mortified and ends up in a full scale – attention pulling panic attack.  She’s either trying way to hard or just, plain, crazy.  Stay tuned.

Up next is Becca’s wedding, er, one-on-one date turned wedding, complete with Ben on one knee and the two going to the chapel.  Later they head to a Neon Museum – or Museum of Neon – and Ben wonders if Becca’s capable of genuine emotion or if she’s a bundle of bore-snore, those are our words not his.

 …and then the Rose Ceremony, or no. so. fast.  The Bachelor is just not sure about “The Twins,” we’re not either, but Ben is willing to go to their house (they’re form Vegas) and meet their mom and their pets and that’s it.  Who really cares, he’s not going to marry either of them, let’s be honest.
Do NOT think he’s yours.  He’s not, Olivia.  Have you watched this show?  The Bachelor or Bachelorette is always very much in the moment and will make out with whoever he or she is with at that moment.
Do have a little predate make out session while squatting behind a table as your helicopter lands next to you on a rooftop.  It’s romantic, sure, but not life altering, calm down Olivia.
Do NOT have a panic attack, Olivia.
Do be strong and intimidating, or at least think you are.  I’m so glad Olivia thinks she’s the front runner or I wouldn’t know anyone’s name.
Do NOT step out of a cake in a sequined bikini for a talent show, again, Olivia.  It’s embarrassing and, well, yes you should be embarrassed.
Going home are Amber and Rachel.  Amber is mean and Rachel is…wait, who’s Rachel?

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