Fit to Fat to Fit: JJ and Ray

(Photo: A&E)
(Photo: A&E)

The new show Fit to Fat to Fit will make you judgmental…of personal trainers.

A&E’s new series, Fit to Fat to Fit, is about personal trainers gaining weight so they can lose it along with their obese clients. In this way, the trainers are supposed to better understand the struggle of weight loss. As a personal trainer who has actually struggled with my weight, and am currently trying to lose it again (tough with a baby in the house), I plan to watch this show with great interest and make fun of these Adonis types who have never been over 5% body fat in their entire lives.

JJ and Ray

Meet JJ! He is 31 and has been a personal trainer for 13 years. To hear him tell it, he is “extremely good” at it. To demonstrate this point, he yells at his extremely-fit client to “get his knees higher” during his burpees. And he does! Wow, JJ is a real miracle-worker! He has 3 kids with his flawless blonde wife, and they make a “killer team.” Something tells me a training session with JJ involves a lot of slogans and bro-speak.

Meet Ray! He is 37 and fat, duh. He loves everything he puts in his mouth. Um. Anyway, Ray and his wife are infertile and want to adopt, and he figures nobody will select him to be an adoptive father at his size, so he wants to lose the weight to increase his chances. You guys, this story is legit sad. I hate to see JJ inflicted on this.

JJ: “I think the only difference between me and someone who is struggling with weight is education.”

Ray: “’Oh, eat less, work out more!’ It is a little insulting.” THANK YOU, Ray! JJ is one of those trainers other trainers hate: condescending and oversimplifying. It really does make all trainers look bad. Please, America, don’t be afraid to hire a trainer. Most of us have no interest in judging you and making you feel stupid. Just don’t hire a JJ.

JJ: “Being healthy is a choice. So if you’re not healthy, CHANGE. You don’t need to be so fat.” Pearls of wisdom from a guy with 1% body fat. I mean, he is technically correct that being healthy is “a choice,” as much as being a heroin addict is a choice. Once you get addicted, it’s not really a choice to continue, it’s a trap.

The Consultation

JJ asks Ray what his long-term life goals are. “To be a dad.” JJ tells Ray that he is going to gain 60 pounds, so they can lose the weight together. “I don’t recommend that,” Ray wisely says. “I know what it’s like, and it sucks.” JJ smirks in response. You guys, JJ is the worst.

Fit to Fat

JJ weighs 184 lb, and wants to get to 244. He starts his journey by eating an entire pizza and saying “this is disgusting.” You could make a drinking game out of how many times this dude says “disgusting.”

After 5 weeks, JJ pinches his “love handle,” which is a teeny tiny flap of skin on his side. What a knob this guy is. He has gained 30 pounds and looks exactly the same with clothes on. He and his wife constantly refer to JJ as “getting fat.” “Is Daddy getting fat? He’s getting fat!” What the hell are you teaching your kids, assholes? Ten bucks says these children are gonna be the bullies on the playground, calling the other kids fat.

JJ is getting depressed and claims to be gaining empathy because he feels “trapped.” After 12 weeks he has gained 47 pounds, and seriously, you guys, he still looks ripped. He claims he and his wife have nothing to talk about because they are eating different foods. Um. Was fitness the only thing you had in common? You cannot base a marriage on that. And I say that as a marathoner who married an Ironman.

At week 16, JJ is done gaining weight at 245 lb. And not a moment too soon, because his abs are almost not visible anymore! What a FAT ASS, you guys. (Sarcasm.) He is very excited to start exercising. And this is why this show is flawed. Most normal overweight individuals are not super excited to start dieting and exercising. JJ is literally doing cartwheels at the thought. Also, overweight people cannot do cartwheels. Ray meets up with JJ and weighs in at 343, so he has lost 46 pounds on his own already. Ray is seriously my anti-drug, you guys. I am so rooting for him. Meanwhile, I want JJ to spiral into morbid obesity and need to be cut out of his house, just for the LOLz.

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