SNL Digest: Ryan Gosling (12/5/15)

(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC/SNL)
(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Ryan Gosling kicks off the SNL Holiday Season with a solid job on his first hosting attempt.

After a few weeks off for Thanksgiving (and the traditional SNL Thanksgiving special), SNL was back with Ryan Gosling as host.  Although a little nervous at the beginning and a bit giggly throughout the show, I thought Ryan handled hosting well, proving that even if he’s a mostly dramatic actor, he doesn’t mind making fun of himself.

What You Missed:

A Christmas Message from Donald and Melania Trump

The SNL makeup team deserves special commendation for painting Taran like a glazed honey-baked ham.  Cecily does great work as Melania as always.

Ryan Gosling Monologue

“And now I started looking at Google Images of you and stopped listening, so…”

Mike Meyers!  Illustrating the joys of being Canadian with Ryan (who seemed a little nervous).

Also: Bonhomme de Neige is a real thing.  I’m as surprised as you are.


The looks on the SNL ladies’ faces: priceless.

Close Encounters

Everyone was sort of struggling to keep it together in this sketch, and that’s understandable.  Kate knocked it out of the park.

“So I was full Porky Pigging it in a drafty metal domes”

Santa Baby

“Adults that believe in Santa” is a nice launching point for sketch characters.  This had a nice slow burn that made things even funnier.

Birthday Slumber Party

I was down with this sketch when Drake did it last year, and I’m down with Aidy as a legit dirty girl and Ryan as the dad.

Weekend Update

  • I say it every week, but the Che/Jost rapport remains fantastic this season
  • Loved Cecily as Jill Davenport from Glamour magazine.
    “Wait, can you open this jar for me?”
  • Anthony Crispino!  And his friend Angelo who looks suspiciously like Ryan Gosling!


Bobby’s Danny DeVito is great, and so is this little sketch.

The Wiz Live

I was waiting to see how SNL took on this year’s live musical.  This was great, and throwing Ryan in as the scarecrow from West Oz.  Also: Leslie as the Wiz.  YES.

It remains fantastic that SNL is diverse enough to have 5 performers who could be in a performance of The Wiz. I’d love to know if they had access to the same costuming resources as The Wiz Live, since these were near identical.

Santa’s Elves

Keenan as the leader of the deviant elves was great, as was what may have been a mistake.  Also, Aidy’s nasty Mrs. Claus is always welcome.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • The magazine interview sketch fell a little flat for me, although it was a nice showcase for Ryan’s abilities as a singer and a dancer.  Kyle’s desperate high school acquaintance Trevor was also pretty good.

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