How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale – Shoot Me!

Annalise What Have You Done?

The How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale gets to the whodunnit, but there are still so many reasons why.

I think our collective hope for the How to Get Away With Murder winter finale was a nice little wrap up to the increasing list of creepy crazy people doing creepy crazy things. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this episode proved that just when you thought you knew what each of those creepy crazy people is capable of, we really had no idea. What we did know is someone shot Annalise. I’m sure you, like me, thought it was a random intruder or someone we hadn’t met yet. What we didn’t count on was just how many people Annalise has pissed off in the last few episodes. Now they’ll all converge on the Hapstall Mansion and Annalise may be the only one to leave it in far worse condition than when she arrived. This just may be Annalise’s best plan yet.

First, Asher’s dad has killed himself and Asher feels responsible. Partially because he knows his actions lead to the investigation into Judge Millstone’s less-than-legal dealings and partially because his mother tells him it’s all his fault. So much for the comforts of home. Asher heads to find Assistant District Attorney Sinclair.  His motives aren’t exactly clear, but his actions lead to him running her over with his car.  He calls Bonnie who comes to his aid, wrapping Sinclair’s body in a blanket and driving her over to the Hapstall Mansion where Annalise has decided to frame Catherine for Sinclair’s murder by throwing the prosecutor’s body over a ledge at the estate.

But first she has to actually find Cathering Hapstall.  You see, she’s missing, well, she fled to a motel when Caleb found a gun, probably her gun, in a heating vent on their family’s property.  Michaela and Caleb call their buddies to figure out what to do with the gun before finally leaving the dirty work up to Annalise.  Annalise seems to believe Caleb knows nothing about the gun, but she’s decided she can no longer save both of the Hapstall kids and puts framing Catherine into full effect.  Especially since we’ve now discovered Catherine’s painting in a photo of Philip, who both Hapstall kids claimed not to know  When Frank finally finds Catherine he uses the pills Annalise were supposed to use on Nate’s wife to subdue her drag her back home.

Our “ah-ha!” moment comes when Annalise makes a phone call to the long-deceased Sinclair after receiving info from Bonnie.  Annalise asks Sinclair’s voicemail to meet her at the Hapstall mansion.  That seems like a good way to create an alibi, but you know what’s an even better Alibi, being shot with the murder weapon.  And so Annalise takes the last few minutes of her 2015 screen time to bed one of the Keating 5 to shoot her.  When they finally get a conscience or two and refuse, she taunts them with how much she’s ruined their lives and how much she deserves it, but only in the leg of course.  Finally when she reveals that Rebecca has been dead all along, Wes snaps shooting wildly at her, needless to say, we’re pretty sure he missed her leg.  And in this moment, as she’s bleeding on the floor she whispers a single name over and over, Christoph.

Let’s do the timewarp again! I’m all for the timewarp effect, a flashback here, a flashforward there.  But on this one day convention at the Hapstall mention there are no less than four time of day shifts back and forth and back and forth again, complete with counter, back and forth and back and – you get the idea.

“…the worst people ever.” You’re not wrong Michaela.  It’s surprising one of you had the bright idea that you’re probably the closest thing Asher has to friends these days and after learning his father, for better or worse, hung himself, no one bothers to call him.  Maybe it’s because none of them have Asher’s phone number.  This must be a case of keep your friends close and your co-conspirators further away.

“Do I talk to you to file a racial discrimination claim against the DA’s office?”  Shonda Rhimes is often hesistant to specifically brind up race in any of her Thursday night stapes.  There were a few scenes in Season 1 where Annalise and her husband specifically referred to her race, or the race of another person.  “That white girl.”  But it’s never actually bigger than a statement of fact.  This time, Nate’s pulling out all the stops to save himself, as well he should for forging police records, you know, since he just got back his shield.  Nate files a discrimination complaint against Sinclair and the District Attorney’s office.  This is all a good idea until Sinclair meets him in the parking lot and tries to stave off the complaint going any further – she’ll drop hers if he drops his. Sadly Sinclair doesn’t exactly make it out of the parking lot.

Christoph/Wes.  Somehow Annalise is also responsible for Wes losing his mother when he was young.  In an ominous flashback Annalise and Eve watche through a two-way mirror as a young boy named “Christoph” who looks just like Wes is questioned about what happened to his deceased mother.  “Annalise, what did [you] do?”

“They killed Sam!” Just when you’ve finally forgotten Annalise ever had a husband, with her former lesbian love interest showing up this season and even Wes suddenly forgetting to mention Rebecca every episode.  In all of the “who shot Annalise” building up, we forget that the series kicked off with one big murder and that case is still open.  Luckily here Annalise reveals to Asher, who was getting busy with Bonnie at the time, that the Keating 5 aren’t all in this together, they killed Sam, and he didn’t even know.  Perhaps that’s How to Get Away with Murder.

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