How to Get Away with MURDER! Those Creepy Paintings

How to Get Away with Murder (Screen: ABC)

Glad to see Catherine’s creepy paintings finally have some narrative relevance

As we near the midseason finale, the turns get twistier on How to Get Away with Murder. In this week’s opening flash forward, we see Bonnie, Michaela, Connor, Laurel and Wes converge at the Hapstall mansion murder scene. Bonnie tells Conor to get on board with the group’s plan and demands Wes hand over his gun. Looking forward to this all making sense soon!

The present action begins three days prior. Connor returns home to find signs of a struggle and no Oliver, so he assumes Philip killed his boyfriend. Surprise, Oliver’s fine! He brings Philip to meet Annalise and the gang. The mysterious young man claims he’s just an innocent weirdo. Annalise tries making nice with weirdo while the students nab his drinking straw for a DNA sample. When Bonnie no-shows for work, Annalise promotes Laurel as her temporary replacement (which has the desired effect of causing a rift between her and Frank). ADA Sinclair offers Catherine and Caleb plea deals; Annalise says this is proof Sinclair’s worried about her case, but both the young Hapstalls consider her offer.

Asher figures out Sinclair is wiretapping the office. When the gang finds the hidden mic, they discuss fake evidence which leads the ADA on a pointless raid of the Hapstall mansion. This causes her to miss the plea deal deadline. Nate — who’s been following Philip, because apparently he’s on team Annalise again — sees weirdo filing a police report, so he doctors a record to make him look like a known schizophrenic. Even after all this winning, the gang gets thrown for a loop when Catherine approaches Sinclair for a solo plea deal that will keep Caleb out of prison. But wait, there are more twists! Here are the most exciting moments from last week’s episode

Oliver Isn’t Dead Thank jeebus! Entertaining as the never-ending twists may be, they wouldn’t be enough for me if we lost this one totally likable character. Plus, Oliver’s lust for danger brings out Connor’s protective streak,1 which makes him more likable. Bonus – Connor satiates his boyfriend’s thirst for adventure with some hot lecture hall sex. Because what would this show be without frequent sex montages?2

“It’s time to break out the boobs again.” Annalise puts Michaela in charge of sweet talking Caleb. This works splendidly when Caleb is thinking of taking the fall for a murder he says he didn’t commit. It works even better when Michaela later visits Caleb on her own time and they finally do it. 3 Technically, this is when she literally breaks out the boobs.

Payday for the Preggo Lady Frank, the king of sweet talking, fails when he can’t convince his contact at the lab to fast-track Philip’s DNA sample. It seems Sinclair has already dumped a ton of evidence for them to process, and there’s no way this super pregnant clerk is gonna risk her job for Frank’s smarmy ass. Knowing Annalise will banish him if he doesn’t come through, he dips into his suitcase o’ cash and pays the lady $50,000 to run the sample for him. And with seconds to spare, he and Annalise stop Catherine from taking Sinclair’s deal. Hooray! Somebody get that preggo lady a foot massage on top of the $50K, she earned it.

So what does the DNA prove? Well, first it proves that Philip was at the scene of the Hapstalls’ murder. But it also proves — TWIST — Phillip is the product of incest, which means dead uncle Mr. Hapstall was also his dad. Now there’s a motive! Annalise relishes revealing this to the ADA as she hands over Caleb and Catherine’s acquittal, saying, “Good luck in getting the jury to believe that the inbred weirdo didn’t do it.” This causes to Sinclair to make her angry squirrel face.

How to Get Away with Murder (Screen: ABC)
How to Get Away with Murder (Screen: ABC)

AHHH, I love that face! Always happens after an Annalise slam dunk. I will miss it.

So that’s it for the Hapstall kids, right? Of course not, silly! There’s still 10 minutes left. After Michaela and Caleb have sex, he shows her something he found hidden in the house – it’s the missing weapon from his parents’ murder. Does this mean Catherine killed them? At the same time, Wes remembers a detail from their surveillance footage of Philip – a creepy painting in the corner that’s totally Catherine’s unique style. That’s right, she and the inbred weirdo are in cahoots. The last thing we see are the two of them in a car together. Philip promises to take care of everything. Does that mean killing Annalise? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, I’m just excited that Catherine’s spooky aesthetic has some narrative relevance. Those paintings are seriously effed.

  1. Because he doesn’t want his BF to become a horrible person like the rest of them  
  2. Add Nate + Annalise, Laurel + Frank, and… we’ll get to that other one shortly.  
  3. Hook-Up #4 in the aforementioned Sex Montage  

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