How to Get Away with MURDER! Be Innocent

Liza Weil stars as Bonnie Winterbottom on How to Get Away with Murder (ABC/Bob D’Amico)
Liza Weil stars as Bonnie Winterbottom on How to Get Away with Murder (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Seriously though, just do not mess with Bonnie.

We’re only four days away from this season’s timeline collapse, and … we have an episode in which none of the clients are guilty? Seriously, what even. Nate gets off thanks to a little trickery from Eve, but his wife wanted to die and he should never have been charged with her murder in the first place. The client-of-the-week might be super gross, but he wasn’t responsible for driving his ex-wife’s new beau to commit suicide. How are we supposed to have intrigue when nobody is acting nefariously?!

Oh right, there’s always the Keating 5(ish) to provide us with five awesome things:

Relax, he’s not my type. Oliver is tired of being left on the sidelines while the Keating 5 get all of the fun action1. So, when Frank needs help establishing Phillip’s whereabouts at the time of the Hapstell murder, he jumps at the chance. Connor spends most of the episode either sulking, trying to convince Oliver that the job is too dangerous and he should go home2, or both.

No questions, your honor. Just in case you thought Annalise was the most cunning / conniving lawyer on this series, Eve Rothlow is back! Our favorite prosecutor3 is trying to hold Nate accountable for his wife’s death. When one of the hospital nurses runs off at the mouth during testimony, Eve needs to fix it or Nate will go to jail. Instead of making mincemeat of the nurse on the stand, Eve decides to screw with the results of the blood test.4

Oh my god, you’re hilarious! After taking a few blows on the chin from Annalise, Laurel discovers the prosecutor on the case-of-the-week is having an affair the wife of the deceased — and that HE is the one who drove the victim to suicide. Neither the prosecutor nor the wife are going to admit to that, of course, so Laurel puts on a ridiculously fake accent and tricks the doorman into accompanying her to court. This is less an “awesome” thing from last week’s episode, and more of a “seriously, you think WHO will fall for what?” thing.5

I don’t care. Bonnie is on FIRE. When the client-of-the-week leers at his ex-wife during a pre-trial meeting, she kicks him in the leg. Asher tries again and again to apologize to her for his actions(or lack thereof) regarding the rape at Trotter Lake, and she shuts him down like a boss. When she confronts Annalise about spilling her secrets to Asher, it’s Annalise who is left in tears. Finally, in this week’s flash forward, it’s Bonnie we see perched atop the house immediately after the aforementioned prosecutor falls to her death. Lesson of the week: don’t fuck with Bonnie.

It’s a stakeout. It’s sexy. Until it’s not, that is. In an effort to get some DNA evidence from Phillip, Oliver creates a fake dating profile (using a picture of Connor) and invites PhilYouUp26 for a coffee date. Connor initially refuses to go along with the plan, but quickly changes his mind when Oliver spitefully offers to go in his stead. After Phillip no-shows and Laurel tattles, the crew leaves — only for us to discover Phillip has tracked Oliver and quietly follows him into his apartment.

  1. And frankly, so am I.  
  2. Irony alert!  
  3. whose name I won’t bother looking up  
  4. I’m not sure how they actually accomplished this, given the blood samples were tested by an independent lab and not at the hospital, but who cares about a little plot hole on occasion, amirite?  
  5. And even that’s considering I am willing to pretty drastically suspend my disbelief for this show.  

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