How to Get Away with MURDER! Another Suspect

Steven Weber is this week's client on How to Get Away with Murder. Don't screw it up, interns.
How to Get Away with Murder (Photo: Mitch Haaseth / ABC)

Last week on HTGAWM – find another suspect or call Annalise Keating.

We went way back to basics on How to Get Away with Murder. How does one, in fact, get away with murder?  Blame it on someone else.

Question – Who shot Annalise? Who killed mom and dad Hapstall? Answer – Someone else.

At least that’s this week’s lesson for the Keating 5.  After we watch a frantic Frank rush into the hospital as doctors try to revive Annalise’s body while speeding her gourney down the corridor, we see him exit and immediately drop his panicked expression for a smirk.  We know he wouldn’t hurt Annalise, he’s just establishing an alibi, or is he…dun dun dun…another suspect?  He’s not, but he DOES have Catherine Hapstall’s dead body in the back of his car, so he’s guilty of something.  Speaking of the Hapstalls, we’ve, because we’re all in this together, found another suspect for mom and dad’s murder.  This is the part where Annalise wisely explains that when in doubt, create some.  She sends her students, er interns, er employees on a proverbial witch hunt to find another potential suspect in the Hapstall case.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, foes are all in the running.

What’s that saying – the first person the police suspect in a murder is the husband or the wife.  Well in the newest Keating case, it’s the wife, because she did it – and she’s not even very good at cleaning it up.  Transparent star Alexandra Billings guest stars as a professor who kills her abusive husband, calls Annalise and then proceeds to completely foil staging the crime scene.  Fortunately, Ms. Keating is able to step in once the professor has inadvertantly painted herself into a corner as the only suspect, this is not how Annalise rolls.

“These Fools.” Annalise doesn’t like her Keating 5, but she needs them and just when you think she can’t roll her eyes at them one more time – they do something useful.  In the hasty final search for someone else to pin the murder of their parents on, Annalise’s team uses Wes’s boytoy Oliver, fine boyfriend, to hack into adoption records and find that their racist aunt of last-episode-fame gave birth to a now 26 year old son who one could argue wants the inheritance for himself.  He may, he may not, but we DO know that when Oliver hacks into the young man’s hard drive, he’s being hacked right back.

Tiffany Apparently Asher did a bad-bad thing, or was involved in a bad-bad thing, or is just otherwise trying to cover up said bad-bad thing, and now whether she looks into the file or not, Bonnie knows a girl named Tiffany was gang raped and the file has Asher’s name in it.  And now that at least the District Attorney’s office has dropped that investigation, it’s moved over to Asher’s Federal Judge father, and that may prove far more damning to his son.

Shondaland is all-inclusive  I know we all hailed Grey’s Anatomy for its diverse cast in terms of race, gender and sexuality, but I’m not sure anyone anticipated how open Shonda and her writers, and ABC, would be to embracing the Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Transgender and Queer communities.  Let’s overlook that the episode includes a transwoman who killed her abusive husband and Annalise has to bribe the D.A.’s office to drop the case, we still love you Shonda!

Killer Keating Nate’s wife has passed away and of course he blames Annalise for shortening their time together.  If that wasn’t enough, Wes arrives to find her at Nate’s door leading to a standoff between Annalise and her student that ends with the disclosure that Wes’s mom killed herself and that’s why he won’t trust anyone.

“Because everything wrong about our lives is about you.”  The sad, but true reality of the Keating 5 can be summed up in this statement.  You’re right, Michaela, Wes is the source of all of our Thursday night struggles.

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