How to Get Away with MURDER! Old Debts

How to Get Away with Murder (Screen: ABC)
How to Get Away with Murder (Screen: ABC)

We finally get a sense of what Bonnie owes Annalise, and it is horrifying.

As always, there was SO much twisty-turny drama on the latest How to Get Away with Murder. Bonnie tells Asher she killed Sam because he tried to rape her. Asher’s torn between his love for her and the sense that what she did was inexcusable (also, he’s looking for legal immunity regarding whatever happened at Trotter Lake). Annalise freaks when she learns what Bonnie’s done. Wes continues working with Levi (a.k.a. “Eggs) and they get a tip from Bruno, the guy who may have dumped Rebecca’s body. Prosecuting attorney Ms. Sinclair wants to use the dead aunt’s testimony in the Hapstall murder trial, so the gang must dig up evidence that’ll render her testimony useless. But they also know what Bonnie did, and now they’re pretty sure they’re about to get arrested. The flash-forwards reveal blood-covered Bonnie running from the Hapstall mansion and catching a ride with Asher, who later ditches her at a gas station and heads for the police department.

But wait, there’s more! Here are my five favorite developments from this week’s episode

I’m starting to like some of these people I long ago gave up on liking any of HTGAWM’s main players, realizing it wasn’t a necessary component to enjoying the drama. But we’re seeing some solid character development in season 2 – like who knew I’d sympathize with a contrite Connor?1 This week’s winner is Frank. I can’t resist an affable hitman. And I loved this moment, when Annalise berates Bonnie for thinking she can trust Asher.

Annalise: Men lie, Bonnie. It’s all they’re good at.
Frank: She’s right.

LOL He would know.

A quick lesson in privilege Annalise explains to Asher why she covered up for Bonnie killing Sam, but he can’t see why she’d frame Nate.

Asher: That makes no sense.

Annalise: Only because you’re a man. I don’t blame you, you were never taught not to be one. Then you add your whiteness on top of that. The police are trained to believe you. But when a woman says that she was raped, the law rarely takes our side, and definitely not when the man isn’t alive to defend himself. So we take other actions.

Granted, this argument is built upon a fabrication (that Bonnie killed Sam), but Annalise has a point. It’s an interesting thread throughout the series. Characters often lie to protect themselves and others, even when the truth seems less damning.

Wes leads the gang astray Bruno tells Wes and Levi that Frank asked for the key to his storage locker the night Rebecca disappeared. Wes steals that key from Frank and escorts the gang to the locker, where they find a heavy suitcase. Eek, is Rebecca’s severed body in there?! Nah, just a big pile of cash – a red herring in Frank’s elaborate set-up.2 Seriously, he left the key sitting exactly where Wes would see it. Now everyone thinks Annalise’s “puppy” is a certifiable moron and they no longer care about his mini investigation. Yay! p.s. It’s gonna take LOTS of character development for me to like Wes.

Dead aunt was a hardcore racist The gang finds a dashcam video of the dead aunt at the Hapstall crime scene, hysterically blaming her “mongrel” niece and nephew for the murder. Caleb’s reaction to this is heartbreaking. Remembering the way he and his aunt used to joke around, he adds, “That whole time, I was the joke.” Damn.

Still, this seems guaranteed to get the aunt’s testimony thrown out, right? Not so. The judge is pissed that Annalise came by the evidence illegally and allows the testimony to be included. Catherine yells at the judge, in front of the whole courtroom, “She was a racist! That’s proof she wanted us to go down for this, and you’re black! Out of anyone, you should get it.” The judge says she does get it but also must ignore her personal feelings, blah blah blah. Anyway, Annalise and Michaela give Catherine the thumbs up for speaking some truth that never gets said.

The video When it seems sure that Asher is gonna rat out Bonnie, Annalise drops by his apartment with a video – footage of young Bonnie being raped by her father. I’m seriously shuddering as I write. This was a horrible twist, but it does shed some light on what Bonnie owes Annalise (who perhaps freed her from this life, or maybe even got rid of the dad?). In any case, Asher finally has a slightly better understanding why good people do bad things. Also, his shitty dad3 pales in comparison.

  1. I’ve always liked Oliver, and he definitely brings out the best in this brat.  
  2. He also planted meth in Levi’s car trunk and alerted the cops. B’bye, Eggs!  
  3. Who tried to work his own immunity deal into Asher’s legal agreement  

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