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How to Get Away with Murder (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)
How to Get Away with Murder (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Just when you think Annalise is losing her grip, she reasserts control — but not before at least one skank gets shanked.

A few episodes into Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, and ish is getting real in Murderville, USA. Annalise gets a call from Nate’s wife, who wants Annalise to help her commit suicide. Connor goes rogue, giving damning evidence about the Client-of-the-Week to the prosecution, tanking Annalise’s case. Wes finds out that Frank dumped Rebecca’s body in a cemetery. Bonnie claims responsibility for Sam’s death to keep Asher from turning Annalise in as part of a plea bargain. The incestuous, adopted, murderous siblings … are not? Meanwhile the flash-forwards have Annalise stabbed and bleeding out in an ambulance, and it’s unclear how the gang is involved.

In other words, there are a LOT of awesome things happening this season on HTGAWM, but here are five I particularly enjoyed from Season 2 Episode 4, “Skanks Get Shanked:”

  1. NATE’S WIFE! Enuka Okuma, a favorite of mine from Rookie Blue, appears out of nowhere to completely dominate the first scene of the episode. I’ve never see Annalise so unable to make, and keep, eye contact with another character, and Nia makes a ridiculously good alpha dog. The contrasts in that scene are spectacularly done: Nia’s steely gaze and Annalise’s nervous glances; Nia’s “naked” face and Annalise’s careful makeup; Nia’s cap-covered head and Annalise’s long wig. On the one hand, I don’t wish anyone pain (even imaginary characters), but I totally want Nia to stay alive so we can have more of that action, please and thank you.
  2. The boob sequence. Annalise wants to find out whether Caleb and Catherine, the adopted siblings, are boinking each other. She sends Michaela to find out, expecting her to use her feminine wiles, but Michaela is new to this. This awkward subplot can be pretty well summarized in three quotes from Annalise:
    1. You’re smart, Mikaela. And you’ve got boobs.
    2. What’s the matter, you don’t know how to use your boobs?!
    3. I told you to use your boobs, not your heart. Put them away.
  3. “Mr Walsh was justleaving.” In stark contrast to her interaction with Nia at the beginning of the episode, Annalise stares Connor down while confronting him about turning evidence over to the prosecution. [Brief tangent: I don’t fully understand this scene. Annalise could probably have shut her client down in the courtroom, but instead chose to stand by while the defendant erased any doubt of her guilt. Was that a mistake on Annalise’s part, or is this a cunning misdirection on her part? My gut says cunning misdirection.] In any case, I probably would have been kneeling and weeping, so props to Connor for walking away under his own power.
  4. Frank’s grooming. Look — I know Charlie Weber is a former model, but can we talk for just a second about how ridiculously good he looks in basically everything he wears? Even when he is at home and in a dull grey tank, he is perfectly kempt. I am not normally into cishet guys, but Frank makes me question my sexuality. I can’t figure out whether I want to screw him or be him. Maybe a little of both. Is it just me or is it hot in there?
  5. We all fall down. I don’t normally pay much attention to TV soundtracks, but HTGAWM does a great job of song selection. I particularly loved the selection of Leon Else’s Tomorrow Land to underscore the closing montage. The song is dark and brooding while also reminding us, via the callout to Ring Around the Rosey, of how young (in age, maturity, or both) and vincible most of these folks are.

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