5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville: Juliette’s Baby Shower Breakdown

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Juliette fumes about Sadie upstaging her shower. And by “fumes” I mean “turns full-fledged psycho.”Sadie has just shot and killed her abusive ex-husband Pete, and now the police are questioning her and Luke. Sadie calls Rayna, who’s recovering from a tough night with Maddie and Daphne1 and getting ready to host Juliette’s baby shower. Rayna rushes to the police station, leaving Deacon in charge of the girls.

On the Triple Xs tour bus, Avery fields nasty, incessent phone calls from a very hormonal Juliette while Gunnar stews about Scarlett’s new boyfriend. Prostitute Natasha hounds Mayor Teddy for some get-out-of-town cash while he hopes to get some dirt on his finance manager. Rayna runs into Luke at the police station, begging the awkward question, “Why was he with Sadie?” At breakfast, Daphne asks Deacon what cancer feels like and Maddie throws a tantrum, storming out of the restaurant. When news about Sadie spreads, album producer Avery worries about his artist while Juliette fumes about it overshadowing her shower. And when I say “fumes”, I mean “turns full-fledged psycho.” It was glorious. More about that and some other awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Juliette’s LOL Moment of the Week If I have to pick one, I’ll start with the first. All of Juliette’s “friends” are bailing on her shindig and the only guaranteed guests are employees (not including back-up singers who are currently on other tours). Glen drops by to announce that even host Rayna won’t be able to make it.

Glen: Sadie Stone shot her ex-husband.
Juliette: (gasps) I cannot believe she would choose to shoot someone on the day of my shower!

And then it just gets better!!!

Bro advice for the cancer-stricken Maddie’s angry about Deacon’s cancer and won’t talk to him, so she calls new fave dad, Teddy, and asks him to pick her up. Deacon’s annoyed to see his nemesis at his doorstep and tells him to butt out. Of course, Teddy’s having none of that. Then Deacon explains he has cancer and suddenly Teddy’s all, “Dude.” And in a rare compassionate moment between these two, Teddy gently advises Deacon to give Maddie space or she’ll just reject him more. Then Mayor Dad tells his daughter to give Deacon a break, and soon it’s cuddles time in Maddie land.

I thought this would be the episode when Teddy turns irredeemably evil2 and straight-up kills Natasha.3 Instead, he does something kind. Guess he’s not the absolute worst.

Juliette’s baby shower breakdown In a costume and performance that captures the pure camp essence of Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls, Juliette flips the eff out and trashes her own baby shower.4 Later, Rayna drops by to leave a gift and extend her apologies. Jules is still furious, whining about Sadie and Layla getting all of Rayna’s attention. She yells, “Now I know where I stand – somewhere below your precious little label and your stupid, perfect hair!”5

Then Rayna loses it — which almost never happens — screaming back about her own tough day. Her voice cracks as she begs Juliette to STFU for one minute. Juliette gasps! Rayna apologizes for yelling,6 but of course that’s not why Jules is gasping. THIS IS TV. Duh, her water broke!

Much screaming later, a beautiful baby girl is born. Like all TV newborns, she is impossibly cute and four months old. We assume her name will be announced next week.

Scarlett burns Gunnar Gunnar’s being a total jerk to Scarlett now that she’s slept with dreamy doctor Caleb. When she asks what he’s pissed about, he says her sex life is getting in the band’s way. Wh-WHAT? I’m telling you, Gunnar seems nice but he’s a sexist dumbum in his heart and the writers know it. Scarlett lashes back and soon all the dirty laundry’s coming out – him dating her best friend, her refusing his marriage proposal, him going crazy after his brother died. It gets pretty heated until Avery literally slams the brakes on the bus and tells them to peace out while he runs home to meet his new baby girl.

Scarlett and Gunnar are still tense when they hit the stage that night. He pulls some creepy abuser move and starts playing one of the love songs they wrote together back in the day. She plays along and they give an outstanding performance. Of course, Gunnar assumes this means their affair is back on. How could she sing with such emotion if she didn’t have feelings for him? On the contrary, Scarlett quotes the very thing he once said to her – “All I felt was music.” BOO-YAH! Suck it, Gunnar. And go get some therapy, while you’re at it.

Luke’s a mensch Understandably, Sadie has weird feelings about killing a man she once loved. The rest of us are totally cool with it. There is the legal issue of her unregistered gun (she needed it quickly) and the fact that no one actually saw it happen. Looks like the detective is gonna press charges, but then she gets off. Turns out, Luke lied and said he saw everything. What a gallant yet not patriarchal gesture from Mr. Luke. This is the most I’ve ever liked this guy. As Sadie is leaving town to tend to her feels, she stops by Luke’s studio to give him a thank you hug. “Does make me feel good to know there are good men in this world. Just wish I’d known that sooner.” Aw, bittersweet star-crossed romance alert! Here’s hoping Sadie comes back to make a bigger mess of things.

  1. They just learned Deacon is mom’s new boyfriend (yay!) and he has cancer (boo).  
  2. In one scene, the sleazy private investigator says he resembles Lamar – yeah, right! He wishes he were that cool.  
  3. Instead he gets good dirt on the finance guy (secret family!) and gets his bogus discretionary fund – yay.  
  4. The shot of her hurling the cake into the camera will undoubtedly remain her iconic image.  
  5. LOL Moment of the Week Runner-up  
  6. Because, clearly she is a better human being than all of us, starting with that hair.  

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