Framework Episode 10: Custom Collection

Wesley drills down on Spike's Framework
Framework (Photo: Spike)

This is it—the Framework finale! Was it Freddy, Jason, or Jory who became America’s Next Top Craftsperson?

The final challenge of Framework featured our trio of contestants—Freddy, Jason, and Jory—designing collections of at least two signature pieces. The build time was still 24 hours, but each contestant got to form a team pulled from the previously eliminated contestants.1

Jason got first choice in the schoolyard pick, choosing Garrett, Rahil, and Lacey. Huh, three people with repeatedly demonstrated time management and construction issues. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Rahil openly admitted to not measuring twice when cutting a piece for Jason’s chest of drawers, for starters. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for Jason and were it not for time expiring we probably would have seen blood shooting out of his eyes from all the stress. The chest of drawers ended up looking impressive, but the doors did not completely open properly and various other cosmetic issues popped up. Jason also constructed a desk, but it was not nearly as impressive as his winning design last week.

Jory’s team featured Cowboy Curtis, Nathaniel, and BK (despite his snail’s pace). Team Jory constructed three pieces: a credenza, an end table, and a coffee table. All the pieces incorporated beautiful woodwork, but the coffee table also featured concrete sections. Although there were problems with the concrete pour coming out properly, Jory’s team was able to buff out the problems and create three stunning pieces. Granted, you need a team of four to move the coffee table, but were you really in the market if you are going to complain about that?

Freddy picked Wesley, Craig, and Jess and under-utilized them. Part of this may be because of Freddy’s control issues, but also the pieces being constructed were about simplicity. He crafted a mirror in a wood panel frame to give the illusion of plaid, which looked decorative but dated. He made one of the few comfortable chairs of the entire competition which had a floating seat and back. I thought it looked a little too much like an old school desk chair, but it was consistent with the rest of Freddy’s pieces. The last piece was a collection of pendant lights which had an intricate wood pattern in the rod design. Of all the pieces made this week, the lights were probably the strongest and most accessible for the average consumer.

The judging was mostly positive for all three builders, though Jason was voted out as the weakest of the bunch. In the end, Common and Nolan voted for Jory and naming him America’s Next Top Craftsperson.

Ultimately, I’m glad I stuck around for Framework. The format of the show is your standard skilled trade competition, and most of the challenges were compelling. Framework‘s biggest failing involved casting, with several unlikable personalities cranking their negativity to 11 from the jump. The judging was fair for the most part, though I still don’t understand what Common was doing there. It would have been cool to have learned more about the mechanics of this trade and the reasons behind certain design decisions, but then that might cut down on the needless backbiting and Rahil-bashing. I think the correct three people were in the final and the correct person won, but getting to the end could have been more entertaining.

  1. Except the woman eliminated in Episode 1. I don’t know if she just didn’t get picked or if she told the show to F off when they called.  

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