The Bachelor Rules of the Rose: The Finale

The Bachelor (Photo: Nicole Kohl / ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: Nicole Kohl / ABC)

This is it #BachelorNation, the finale, the final (THREE hour long) countdown to the final rose.

This is it #BachelorNation, the finale, the final (THREE hour long) countdown to the final rose. Whitney the nurse from Chicago vs. Becca the virgin. Both women spent time with The Bachelor’s family and of his family of course likes both women. Whitney may seem like the logical choice, but maybe the heart wants what it wants.

After the Final Rose, The Bachelor, Chris, confirms he and his future Mrs. are still together and he comes face to face with the woman he didn’t choose. Maybe she should have read the Rules of the Rose.

Don’t be ‘The virgin from San Diego’ while your competition gets to be ‘The fertility nurse from Chicago.’ She’s a nurse, you’re a virgin, sorry Whitney, it’s gonna be a tough one.

Don’t be the one The Bachelor can’t even really explain his feelings for. It’s a red flag, even his sister can see that.

Do Note Shania Twain’s Las Vegas show ‘Still the One’ is now available on CD and DVD. I’m just saying.

Don’t turn your one-on-one chat with The Bachelor’s mom into parental guidance. Becca says she’s not ready to accept a proposal, and tells The Bachelor she would be ready to move to his Arlington, Iowa home when she’s sure she’s in love with him. She’s just not sure yet. While his family thinks Becca is a risk, they also think she’s who he wants. The Bachelor’s mom thinks Becca’s in love, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Do put thought into your potential future with The Bachelor. This IS the final rose after all. You’ve known all along where he lives and that he’s not moving.

Do ‘know.’ Becca spends nearly her entire last date with The Bachelor saying ‘I don’t know.’ He thinks they can figure it out together, but there may be too many questions.

Do also be the woman The Bachelor spends the whole day with at his farm vs a couple of ours in a room.

Don’t want an engagement ring from Tiffany, David Yurman or Jared…Neil Lane is thoroughly invested in this series and will personally fly to Iowa so The Bachelor can pick your diamond ring from his collection,

Do be READY to be one with the farm. If you’re ‘the one,’ The Bachelor will propose to you in the barn where he raised his first pig. You can’t write this stuff. Ok you CAN, but the producers didn’t even have to.

Don’t go first. Sorry Becca, he’s going with his gut, you’re not ready and it’s not fair to either of you. (Sandra Note: Something tells me he’s gonna pull a Jason Melnick- Season 13) and change his mind in two months, which is fine, everyone involved then lived happilychers ever after.

Do say yes! Congrats Whitney and Chris! Bets on how long this lasts? Just kidding, sort of.

Don’t wait around for the announcement of the next Bachelorette, it’s an anticlimactic moment when Chris Harrison asks the audience to cheer if they want Britt or Kaitlyn, everyone cheers for Kaitlyn, but surprise it’s BOTH of them.  Apparently the new male suitors will decide?! Neither Bachelorette seems excited.  We’ll see how this unfolds with the premiere on Monday, May 18th.

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