The Odd Couple on CBS

Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon on CBS' The Odd Couple.
The Odd Couple (Photo:

F-ing CBS….

The commercial for The Odd Couple was better than the pilot episode.







  1. Fine, I’ll write some more. The pacing is jerky. It’s the pilot, and it’s apparently in front of a live audience, but for pete’s sake… you’ve got Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, Dave Foley, Wendell Pierce, a game Leslie Bibb, and Yvette Nicole Brown (plus Lindsay Sloane, who has chops, but no one will recognize her) and you just keep lobbing everything up and swatting it at three quarter strength? The Odd Couple‘s pilot lacked any sort of grab like Mom had, is stuck in 3-camera setup unlike Bad Teacher, and hasn’t yet been given permission to cut loose like How I Met Your Mother or (gah) the final season or two of Two and a Half Men. Granted, it needs to get all of those things at once to really be worth watching – all those shows I just cited are still pale seconds to most things on NBC – but I’d settle for just some of it if it meant giving this cast something to do. Sigh. Fucking CBS.  

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