Framework Episode 6: Braving the Elements

Framework (Photo: Rob Kalmbach / Spike)
Framework (Photo: Rob Kalmbach / Spike)

This week’s Framework tested the builders’ durability (DRINK!), but the presentation has a thing or two to learn about that subject.

Framework continues to develop challenges that are spot on, this time having the eight remaining builders constructing furniture designed to withstand weather. This was demonstrated with a wind tunnel comparing a plastic lawn chair and a concrete/metal chair made by judge Brandon Gore. Gore’s chair had a retro style to it and actually looked comfortable. The $6,000 price tag is a wee bit out of my range1, but it demonstrated how style and strength can combine to make some awesome outdoor pieces.

The pieces made by the contestants were less successful. Jess made a bar with a cork facade that was so poorly constructed, she was unceremoniously dismissed. I like Jess, but…yay! I don’t have to watch the show anymore! But then the show threw in a double elimination, making the finish line tantalizingly close. Lacey’s hibachi table was compared to a sardine can while Garrett’s double bench lacked support for the upper bench and was aesthetically displeasing to judge Nolan Niu. Garrett got the boot, though the show could have justified a triple elimination if it wanted to.

The successful pieces belonged to Jason, who constructed a stainless steel lantern, and Rahil, who built a visually appealing comfy-looking lounger. Rahil got the win, enraging everyone else because…drama? I don’t know if Rahil is the Jerry Grgich of the group or if he did something specific to permanently antagonize the other builders, but as a viewer this narrative is like the most tiresome parts of Big Brother.

Which leads me to the structure of this particular episode, which was a hot mess. The design pitch section was met with more “C’mon y’all, is this your A-Game?” However, Jess’ original pitch of a log bench confirmed once and for all that Lumberjack Sexy is Totally Not a Thing You Guys.

The build section was punctuated with two bits of insight about two contestants. First, Jess shared that she was in a school shooting back in the day and one of her friends was killed. That’s horrible, but it also has zero to do with the show, unless the question was “How does this experience compare with the worst thing that ever happened in your life?” We also learn that one time Garrett tore his bicep and was worried he wouldn’t be able to work again. You’ll note that both of these anecdotes came from the contestants who were eliminated, which has been happening all season.

The loft section featured more posturing/dick measuring among Freddy, Jory, and this week’s special guest Jason. Maybe it’s the circles I roll in, but I have a hard time categorizing people as threat/non-threat on a minute-by-minute basis.

The evaluations were disappointing. Since the challenge was to make furniture that could handle wind and rain, it would have been cool to see the pieces put to the test in some sort of weather chamber. Instead, it was Brandon, Nolan, and Common doing the standard walkthrough and examination of pieces. Granted, many of the pieces were not good, so perhaps adding the elements would have been overkill.

Next week, the six competitors—Freddy, Jory, Jason, Rahil, Lacey, and BK—will be working in teams of two. If they fast track this like Celebrity Apprentice, I might stick around. Otherwise, Framework may be finished on What Else is On.

  1. and will remain so in the foreseeable EVER  

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