SNL Digest: Blake Shelton (1/24/15)

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Blake Shelton was the host AND musical guest of SNL this week.  He may have wanted to limit himself to just one of those jobs.

Welcome to SNL 2015!  Yes, there was an episode last week, but at SNL time last week I was in a classroom at MIT getting super close to cracking a final puzzle, so that episode basically didn’t happen.  I heard mixed things, but we’ll get to that the next time it re-airs.

Blake Shelton is a coach on The Voice, and not one of the ones I would have expected to host SNL.  He’s not really an actor, and he played well with the cast, but this was probably a B- SNL at its best.  Still, there were a lot of good moments.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: Inside the NFL

True story: because of that aforementioned puzzle event, I literally spent most of Sunday asleep, and thus completely missed out on the info that the Patriots were in the Superbowl.  I was very confused about all the Inflategate hubbub until I realized it was happening because we were in the Superbowl.  This was a very fun opening sketch.



Blake tried to bring some of Hee-Haw’s influence to SNL and it went over about with the New Yorkers as well as you’d expect.  Leslie’s reactions MADE this.

Farm Hunk

Blake Shelton isn’t really known as an actor, so it’s not surprising that he wasn’t doing much of the heavy lifting this sketch.  There was some great work from the SNL ladies as dating show contestants who all appear to have “light porn” in their pasts.  Shout outs to Kate for having a handful of spaghetti, a macaw, and a welding torch throughout the sketch, and Aidy for immediately bursting into tears about a dead parent/kidnapping/brain disease.

“just google Leslie Jones SNL, it’ll all come up”

Wishing Boot

When you have a country star hosting, it makes sense to do a pitch-perfect vaguely-inspirational country song parody.  This gets wonderfully weird at the end

Weekend Update

  • Riblet was… definitely a guest.  Can’t really say I liked him, but I didn’t hate him.
  • Pete Davidson keeps doing great story work on these bits
  • I knew where it was going to end, but I still liked Sasheer as Michael’s ex-girlfriend

Prison Review Panel

This went exactly where I expected it to, but Keenan completely nailed his character.

“would I do it again? Point. Me towards. A homeless shelter.”

Topeka Today

This was another sketch that had a familiar pattern, but that didn’t make it any less funny.  The old age makeup on Taran was particularly impressive for how hectic SNL can get.  Reactions from Bobby/Sasheer were perfect, as was the slowly changing slideshow behind everyone.


What You Didn’t Miss:

  • Celebrity Family Feud tends to be pretty by-the-numbers, and this week’s edition was no exception.  Some fairly lazy impressions didn’t demand another watch.
  • I’m not much of a country fan, but Blake did a nice job as a performer.  There’s a moment before his second song where Kate starts rocking out after her introduction, and it was adorable.
  • There was a magician sketch that didn’t really go anywhere funny, and I’m partially blaming Blake’s performance for this one.

JK Simmons hosts next week, with musical guest D’Angelo.  And the 40th Anniversary special is only a few weeks away!

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