The Good Wife Double Feature: Sticky Content / The Trial

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Alicia and Prady promise to run a clean campaign; Cary promises not to flip on Bishop.┬áIt’s two, two, two episodes in one!

Your regularly-scheduled The Good Wife recaps are back this week with a double-feature. Frank and Alicia promise to run a clean campaign, but end up getting dirt under their finely-manicured nails. Cary promises not to flip on Bishop, but can he stay out of jail? Most importantly, though, JACKIE IS BACKIE!

When Were There Ever Cows in Chicago?

Frank Prady shows up to FA&L unannounced to give Alicia a box of dirt. Not real dirt — dirt on Alicia, given to him by Castro’s campaign. He wants an agreement to not go negative. Alicia is skeptical, so as a show of good faith, he leaves his personal cell phone number for her to use at any time. Later, she returns the favor, against the advice of her campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Alicia’s team is trying to put together a commercial, and doing a bad job of it. Fired up from a confrontation with Peter, Alicia finally records some usable material, but Frank Prady comes out with his own commercial in which his mom’s dress matches Alicia’s. Alicia can’t get it together during the reshoot. Prady’s PAC comes out with a sexist ad, Alicia’s campaign is desperate for a decent commercial, but she refuses. Somebody leaks a dinosaur ad that Alicia’s camp built but “hadn’t intended to air,” and the positive campaign goes down the toilet.

Stop Banging the Help

In the box from Prady, Alicia finds surveillance photos. One of them is of Peter, apparently having an affair with his new personal attorney. Alicia finally confronts Peter, telling him the affair needs to stop. He denies it’s happening now, but admits it happened in the past. She reminds him that it’s not her campaign taking the photos, and that if this comes out in the press, she won’t stand beside him this time.

Alicia goes to Finn’s new office for … reassurance, comfort, whatever … and whoops! There’s sexual tension. They decide to focus on their friendship, and set up rules. Brightly-lit diners, not bars; pancakes, not drinks. No music. In their first “just friends” meeting at a diner, the lights go out, and some guy starts playing guitar.

Did You Threaten to Kill a Teacher with a Knife?

Alicia jokingly writes a note asking Grace’s gym teacher to excuse her from exercise, including a graphic threat of violence. It was never meant to be delivered; Grace brought it out in her civics class to ask if it was satire. The press gets wind of it, so Alicia has to make nice with Grace’s teacher to get it back, but the teacher wants a political favor for her husband. Alicia refuses, and the teacher releases the note. Peter gives the teacher and principal seats on a new education committee, and they publicly stand up for her.

Don’t Hurt Me, Cary, and I Won’t Hurt You

The federal government wants Cary to help them build a case against Lemond Bishop, and they play a wiretap in which Bishop is plotting to kill him. Cary thinks it’s a fake. Diane’s not so sure, and puts Kalinda on the case. Kalinda pressures Lana to get the recording, and her audio guy says it’s authentic.

To protect Cary in the meantime, Kalinda recommends a bodyguard, and Diane agrees. Bishop’s at the office for a meeting, sees the bodyguard, and Cary gets worried Bishop will think he’s flipped. He goes to see Bishop in person, without his bodyguard, to prove he’s not a threat. Bishop admits the wiretap is real, but that he was just blowing off steam. Cary promises he hasn’t, and won’t flip.

Your Honor, We Ask That You Abstract Nunneries

The very cranky, Neil Diamond-loving judge in Cary’s case wants this case resolved quickly, and pressures both sides to come to a plea agreement. Cary doesn’t want to go to jail again; Finn refuses to give Alicia and Diane the inside scoop on his former office’s bargaining tactics.

Since a plea cannot be reached, jurors are chosen. One of them thinks Cary is innocent, but he has Auditory Processing Disorder. When he’s stressed, his brain doesn’t process words properly. He’s dismissed.

This is Not About You

Using the surveillance photos from Finn, Kalinda threatens Bishop in order to get Dante on the stand. The photos aren’t enough to arrest Bishop, but they’re enough to have his son, Dylan, taken away by child services. Bishop gets angry, but does indeed produce Dante. Except, whoops! Dante gets up on the stand, and says Cary did indeed tell them how to break the law.

Still, Cary refuses to flip on Bishop. Bishop offers to fly him out of the country and make him a legal consultant in Barcelona. Cary can’t bring himself to jump bail and cost his firm over a million dollars. He decides to take the SA’s deal: four years, two served.

Missing in Action

Hey! Jackie is back! It’s completely a throwaway appearance for her; she delivers the message to Alicia about the jokingly-violent note she wrote for Grace, then stands in the background to protest that Alicia is a good mom. The lack of shared screen time with Eli is disappointing, as is the lack of barbs between Alicia and Jackie.

Still zero word from Robyn (whose name I have been misspelling this whole time. Whoops).

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The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)


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