The Good Wife: Message Discipline

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

In which the show reaches Peak Kalinda Needs To Go, For Her Own Good.

Another episode focused on Alicia’s terrible campaign, and Cary’s terrible life choices. This show and its characters are like family for me: sometimes it doesn’t sound like I love them, and honestly there are a few I could do without, but ultimately I’m here because I care. SO EVERYBODY PLEASE STOP SCREWING UP.1

Proof of Other Crimes

Finn asks for extra time to find Trey Wagner, the witness who was cooperating with the police against Cary, but the judge says NOAP. He goes digging, and finds out that two kilos of cocaine, evidence in a case against Lemond Bishop, went missing — and Cary was the last one seen with it.

Cary refuses to offer an effective defense, but Kalinda knows it was Peter, then the State’s Attorney that asked him to expedite the processing of the evidence. Cary is trying to prevent Peter from being involved, but Kalinda goes to Diane, and the defense subpoenas the governor. Peter’s new lawyer, the mother of the panty-less intern, is incredibly smart and savvy (if a little rusty) and successfully has the subpoena quashed.2

To help out, Kalinda goes hunting an alternate suspect. She finds that Liana, the woman running the crime lab, has a bunch of unexplained extra money in her account3. It’s not until she confronts Liana that she hits the jackpot: she’s Trey Wagner’s cousin! Kalinda uses her to track down Trey, and convinces him to make a deal with Finn to turn in Lemond Bishop. Finn and Castro have a spat over trial strategy and Finn resigns; then Trey and Liana are killed in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Kalinda may not be breaking the 30ft rule by texting and calling Cary, but she sure is breaking the WHY DO YOU KEEP MAKING SUCH TERRIBLE DECISIONS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PLEASE STOP DOING ANYTHING FOR HIM rule. As gross as I find her relationship with Cary, that’s nothing compared to two dead people.

I Believe in the Elderly Crime Thing

Bad news for Alicia’s campaign: Eli discovers that a Frank Prady, a TV celebrity played by guest star David Hyde Pierce4, is trying to get on the ballot via petition. If he runs, she loses. To force his hand, she asks for his endorsement in the most painfully awkward way possible.5 He decides he’d rather interview her onscreen first.

Johnny Appleseed preps Alicia for hardball questions using strategies like “questions are for dopes,” how to pivot, and even where to cross her legs. When she goes on Frank’s show, though, he barrages her with softballs, and she clearly has no idea what to do. Another incredibly awkward couple of minutes leave Alicia needing a drink.

Johnny and Eli come up with a comeback strategy: leak an anti-Israel paper Frank wrote ages ago. Alicia refuses to have her campaign take part, but Johnny slips it to Castro. Frank (correctly) assumes Alicia’s campaign is at fault … he may not have been running before, but he is now!

So How Was Your Day?

FA&L is getting comfortable in their new/old offices, but realize they now have too much space and need to lease some of it out. After his resignation, Finn is planning to open his own firm, and Alicia offers him office space. Finn worries about the arrangement being incestuous, Alicia the Literalist points out that they’re not siblings, I cringe.

Missing in Action

In no particular order: Zach, Grace, Robin, Jackie, Dean. Anybody other than Diane, Cary, and Alicia who work for FA&L.

… of the Week

Kalinda Moment: I know Archie Punjabi is leaving the show and they have to find a way to write her out, but this is beginning to feel like that really terrible post-Sorkin West Wing storyline where Toby leaked classified information to the press, except that was 100% a thing Toby would never have done and it really ruined the character. Friends with benefits? Sure, I believe that about Kalinda and Cary, even if I don’t like it. But I don’t believe that Season 5 Kalinda would have found the money but not the familial relationship. I don’t believe that she would have driven to Indiana to convince Trey to testify, given how much time and energy she spent in getting him out of Bishop’s sight. Lastly but not leastly, I do not believe that Kalinda spent two seconds getting Trey’s address from his cousin’s car GPS, but Lemond Bishop somehow hasn’t been able to find him for weeks. ARGH.

Cameo:Tanya Wright as Liana DePaul, the crime lab scientist slash cousin to Trey Wagner. I know and love her from Orange is the New Black, where she played Crystal, who tried her best to understand and be supportive of her spouse Sophia’s transition. Others may know her from recurring roles on 24, NYPD Blue, or True Blood. It’s really too bad this role had such a short expiration date!

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Eli Moment: In which Alan Cumming gives a master class on acting with your head and eyebrows.

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Because I Felt Like It: Maybe it’s the Halloween candy overload talking, but this seriously looks like Finn is standing in front of the dry layers from a KitKat bar. Or is it just me?

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
  1. This week’s episode caused a lot of yelling. #sorrynotsorry  
  2. Thank goodness SOMEONE one this show is a competent lawyer.  
  3. Note to self: a riverboat casino is never a good explanation.  
  4. Yay!  
  5. It was so bad, I had to leave the room momentarily.  

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