5 Awesome Things from Nashville’s CMA Nominations

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Nashville‘s CMA nominations are in and Rayna is SO EXCITED (don’t blink).Paramedics rush preggo Juliette to the hospital after she collapses on stage in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, Zoey informs Avery that his ex is in the ER. Now that Gunnar knows he’s Micah’s dad, he begs Kylie to stay in town. Badass no-strings-attached girlfriend Pam tells Deacon he oughta lighten up and enjoy being on tour with Luke. Juliette wakes up a-okay – and the baby’s fine, too – just in time for…Country Music Award nominations!!! Luke, Will, grumpy Deacon and drunky Layla watch from their tour stop while Rayna and Sadie watch from their’s. Pretty much everyone gets a nod (including Jules and Avery, for cowriting “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave” – awkward!), though Rayna and Luke are the big frontrunners. Rayna’s excited for two minutes, until the media pundits1 speculate that “Ruke” mania is the reason behind their success. Avery surprise visits Juliette in her Cinci hospital room and they have their first real talk about JulAvery Jr. When Juliette’s hunky movie costar Noah arrives with flowers, Avery storms off.

Mayor Teddy calls skeevy exec Jeff to thank him for their night out with hot chicks, so Jeff sets up an impromptu double date with the ladies. With Dad away for the evening, Maddie’s in charge of Daphne. Scarlett offers food and laundry services to Terry, the wacky homeless guy who cowrote her song. He asks for work, instead. Secretly gay Will begs miserable beard wife Layla to lay off the drama when they’re in front of the reality show cameras. She’s too busy pounding whiskey to listen. The doc tells Juliette she needs to cancel the rest of her tour. Gunnar convinces Kylie to let him babysit Micah for just one night before she and the kid leave town to shack up with her internet boyfriend in Tulsa. Oh, Kylie. While Terry cleans the gutters on Deacon’s house, Scarlett launders his clothes and finds a photo of his family. Hot date Natasha seems SUPER into Teddy, leading to some naked shenanigans in Jeff’s swimming pool. Maddie and Daphne are hanging with Luke’s son Colt when Maddie decides to impress her future stepbrother by throwing a kegger at mom’s house. Deacon is supposed to sing a Pam-inspired song on stage but chickens out of and cuts his set short, instead. Rayna decides to campaign for CMA wins independent of Luke and bargains for a solo Dancing with the Stars performance.

Hey, if all these ABC tie-ons keep this soap alive, I’m all for it. Crossing my fingers for a Nashville/Scandal crossover episode!2 In the meantime, here are five awesome thing’s from last night’s episode.

Juliette’s LOL moment of the week As soon as she’s released from the hospital, Jules comes knocking on Zoey’s hotel room door. The star chastises her backup singer for nabbing the spotlight while she was passing out in the wings. Zoey claims she was just trying to help, but Jules calls BS on that and tells her to pack up.

Zoey: Wait, did you come here to fire me?
Juliette: No, actually I came here looking for Avery. This was just a bonus. Is he here?

Let no one say that Juliette lets friendship get in the way of business… or relationships… or anything, really.

Better get a house inspector, Rayna. I think you’ve got flowers in the attic! As the kegger rages in Ms. Jaymes’s mansion, Maddie and Colt are sitting on a bed discussing her many problems. Maddie’s sad because her mom’s on tour, her biological dad’s on tour, and her other dad has a social life. Who will be the sounding board for all her tantrums? Colt says, “You’ve got me,” so she leans over and kisses her future stepbrother on the lips! YES, another nail in the coffin of Luke and Rayna’s doomed relationship. Also, you can do better, Maddie.

“You get what you pay for.” This is what Jeff says when Teddy remarks that beautiful, sexy, good listener Natasha is “the full package”. DERP! You just sexed a prostitute, Mr. Mayor. Of course, we all saw this coming because, 1) Why would such an exemplary woman find Teddy interesting?, and 2) It’s the perfect way for Jeff to blackmail Teddy into permitting a record deal with Maddie and Daphne (a.k.a. his plot to torture Rayna). What I didn’t see coming is the moment at the end of the episode, when Teddy calls Natasha for another date. Alert! Alert! Awesome drama incoming!!

Deacon wins again, and again, and again Deacon finally works up the nerve to perform his Pam-inspired ditty, “Roll Into the Sun”… at Luke’s post-show party. And it’s a rocker! Soon the whole room is jamming. Take that, Mr. Wheeler. Later, when Luke tells Deacon the cops were called on Maddie’s kegger, Deacon insists that Luke take him along to Nashville so they can deal with the fallout together. But the icing on the “Deacon trumps Luke” cake comes after the D-man has a heart-to-heart with Maddie. As Rayna is whisking her daughter off to bed, she turns to Deacon, smiles and says, “Nice of you to come.” Ooh, suck it, Luke! Suck it down with a bottle of your signature BBQ sauce!!

Juliette’s “proper” announcement When Juliette and Avery finally get around to talking about the baby, it’s actually fairly civilized. She either wants Avery as a father and partner, or not involved at all. After some sober thinking, Avery says he wants to help raise the baby but can’t be in a relationship with a woman he doesn’t trust. Wait a minute, that’s not one of Juliette’s options. How’s she gonna react? With a press conference, naturally. Jules announces to the world that she’s expecting and has to cancel her tour. When a reporter asks who the dad is, she replies, “The father is Avery Barkley. And that’s all I’m gonna say.” Sure, sure. All I’m saying is if they can’t milk that fetus for a CMA win, I’m gonna be really disappointed.

  1. from ABC’s Good Morning America, the foremost entertainment news source…according to ABC’s Nashville  
  2. It turns out Layla Grant is Fitz’s cousin. He hires Olivia to spin Will’s coming out. Meanwhile, drunky Layla and smelly Mellie get wasted together and break stuff.  

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