How to Get Away with MURDER — The Name Game

Steven Weber is this week's client on How to Get Away with Murder. Don't screw it up, interns.
How to Get Away with Murder (Photo: Mitch Haaseth / ABC)

Episode 2: It’s All Her Fault — How to Get Away with Murder has a problem, and I’m about to name names…

This post is a little inside baseball, but here it goes. When I’m prepping for a post I like to take notes about what’s happening. Nothing out of the ordinary yet, right? However, one of the things that helps with the note-taking is knowing character names. How to Get Away with Murder has been terrible at reinforcing this character detail with just about everyone.

This is maddening on any show, but it’s particularly difficult with an ensemble as large as this one. As someone who is actively taking notes, I would like to think I’m more engaged with the program, so how people who are free to enjoy a show are able to keep track intrigues me. Yes, I can (and will) be able to look things up on Wikipedia and IMDB, but a viewer shouldn’t have to do that to remember that “douche face’s” character name is…is…uh…Asher Millstone. Also, I have not encountered any fandom naming conventions yet, which would make talking about the show easier. I’ve been referring to the students as the Interns in conversations, but didn’t Grey’s Anatomy already use that term? A readymade pun off of Annalise Keating’s name doesn’t seem to be available either. Any help would be appreciated.

Inside baseball is over.

Thursday’s episode featured Steven Weber playing a millionaire accused of brutally murdering his wife and Keating has taken the case. The point of this week’s course is the ignore the question of whether the client is guilty or innocent: a defense attorney can’t be hampered with that particular knowledge. As the Interns re-examine the crime scene, Weber re-enacts the murder as the prosecution has constructed it, using…uh…the guy…Connor as the pretend victim. We can see from the reenactment that whoever did the murder overkilled the victim, a clear giveaway that Weber wasn’t the perpetrator. This is later revealed to be the case when it comes to light that he did murder his first wife the way an experienced hunter like himself would slaughter an animal (Weber was acquitted of that crime). As cases of the week go, this was a B/B- episode of Law & Order.

The series narrative involves the case of Lila, the sorority girl found floating in a cistern on campus. It turns out Lila was a student of Sam’s, Annalise’s husband. Annalise suspects the two may have had more than a teacher/student relationship. Lila was last seen with a football player, who happened to be the same guy Wes saw hassling his neighbor Rebecca in last week’s episode. In the preview for next week’s episode, we learn that the football player stands accused of the murder and Annalise will take the case, obvs.

In the future narrative, we bounce all over the December timeline. The Interns are still freaking out about what they are about to do. This part of the story seems to be told in Memento fashion, working backwards until the two timelines meet. It turns out the Interns did not originally plan to burn the corpse of their law professor’s hubby, making that decision after a coin flip—the result of which Wes lied about. We are not sure what Wes’s motive is here, but the last moments of the episode have him meeting up with Rebecca at a motel room, where she has been hiding out for some as-yet undisclosed reason.

Who knew getting away with murder was going to require a giant flow chart?

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