When Will Stalker Get Cancelled?

Do not watch Stalker. Seriously.
Stalker (Photo: CBS)

We are not interested in watching women getting brutally murdered on the new drama Stalker. We are interested in how long it will be before it gets yanked off the CBS schedule.

The WEIO staff was given this question: How many episodes before the new CBS drama Stalker gets yanked off the schedule. Here are our responses:

Clare Snyder

I have never even heard of this program, which probably does not bode well. Therefore I will give it 4 episodes, I Wanna Marry Harry-style. (RIP Marry Harry.)

Ben Smith

3 episodes.

When I think of the procedurals currently on CBS, I think of formulaic shows that I generally go “That’s still on the air?  Making new episodes?” when asked about.  Stalker, from what I’ve heard, does not fit this at all, and seems a bit more violent than the usual CSI/NCIS crowd may be willing to go.  That said, CBS will give it at least enough time to drop between week 1 and 2 before putting the show out of its mercy/saving it for a summer burnoff after a third and final aired episode.

Aaron Fox

Stalker has provoked near universal disgust and derision among critics at the aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.” Is this the anti-show? Will it get a lot of curious, strange folks? Sure. Will it last, for shocker value? Maybe. I will give it a max of 6 episodes as a conservative estimate.

Katie Walsh

6 episodes air. Whatever’s left gets burned off over Thanksgiving weekend. Dylan McDermott gets 2 more shots in crappy network procedurals before taking his rightful place as the is-he-or-isn’t-he-evil mentor to damaged but determined female detectives in Lifetime movies. (Spoiler alert: he’s totally evil.)

Aaron Mucciolo

How many episodes? I have no earthly idea. How long did Crisis last? Is it still going?1 Did it go longer than Hostages?2 They are the same show, down to the Dermot Mulroney/Dylan McDermott are the new Kyle Chandler/Ron Livingston, right? I mean, Stalker looks more like an uber-specific version of Criminal Minds and that show’s in season… let me look… nine. Nine? Damn, I have some catching up to do. At least the Paget Brewster seasons – sometimes I like to watch her profile super-genius sexual arsonists or whatever and imagine she’s doing it dressed as Birdgirl. This is not a sexual thing on my part, mind you, it just makes me chuckle a little. Right, so – Stalker. One episode of CBS trying to handle a very serious and severely gender-imbalanced subject is two episodes too many, but I’d take the under on 4.5 eps. Cyber-stalking? They seriously think they wrote anything valid about a topic that has literally driven women from their homes and into hiding in no small part because neither the technology companies nor the police departments have the guts to start a conversation about how maybe kinda sorta there may be an issue here? Gah.

Tara Rose

Had to look it up… Sounds like a show I’d absolutely fucking hate. Glad to hear the critics agree! Figuring in the creep audience contingent, I’ll guess 3. Also, is Maggie Q related to Stacey Q?
Two of Hearts is your jam too, right?
Stacey Q / Better Than Heaven

Sandra Smith

Is it terrible I actually had hope for this show?  I like Dylan McDermot and Maggie Q, but they and this belongs in a movie, maybe a long one, but a movie or one of these new marketing gimmicks, a ‘limited series event.’ I actually give it 8 episodes, that’ll get CBS to Thanksgiving and then holiday season programming until 2015 hits and they can replace it with another attempt at a television thriller or CSI: Salt Lake City.

Becca Marshall

I think this will be canceled within six to eight episodes. I’m optimistic simply because I love Dylan McDermott so much (you don’t grow up in the South watching Steel Magnolias without developing so much love for the entire cast). In reality, I won’t be surprised if it’s yanked from the lineup after four episodes. I think this series will be like that one Thanksgiving when your uncle got really drunk and went off on a tirade against the president: everyone knows it happened, but moving forward, no one ever mentions it because everyone just wants to forget they witnessed it.

Mike McComb

I want it to be just one and done, but I know how television—especially on CBS—works. The network is going to have to do some shuffling once Thursday Night Football ends, and I expect NCIS: LA to join its siblings, meaning Person of Interest would need to move. That gives this show options for wallowing away until the winter hiatus. I hope the predictions of six/Thanksgiving are correct.

Ryan Brazell

This show should get 0 more episodes3, but I predict it will get 2 more before being canned. The bad guy can’t even light a match properly, Dylan McDermot felt like a total sleaze from the second he showed up, and the female lead is paranoid enough to lock her windows at night, but leaves them unlocked all day? And she takes the trouble to tightly close her SHEER CURTAINS?! Nope, no, nuh uh. Nopity no way absolutely not.

  1. Nope.  
  2. Nope.  
  3. Ryan got to the 20 minute-mark before bailing.  

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