The Good Wife Season 6 Premiere: The Line

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Most shows ease viewers into a new season; a montage or some exposition from a character reminds us (and explains to new viewers) what happened “last time.” The Good Wife, however, isn’t most shows.

Note to readers: I’ll be covering The Good Wife for WEIO starting with the current season. If you are new to the show, please do yourself a favor and start with Season 1. If you must skip ahead, start at the beginning of Season 4 — you’ll still get most of the backstory, via one of the most compelling seasons of TV ever.

The Good Wife wastes no time with its Season 6 premiere, starting right where Season 5 left off: Eli asking Alicia to consider running for State’s Attorney. She scoffs at the idea, but Eli “Political Mastermind Of” Gold isn’t giving up so easily. Alicia’s potential campaign is this week’s B-plot, but the opening scene is the last time she’ll be personally engaged in it. She’s too busy with …

The A-Plot

Cary gets arrested! Outside his own law firm! By two enthusiastic and loud police-officers-that-at-first-seem-like-they-might-be-robbers! Turns out this isn’t about the ‘shrooms Cary did four years ago. Apparently he conspired with Lamond Bishop, Chicago’s best-dressed drug kingpin, to transport $1.3 million of heroin. Because TGW’s version of Chicago has laws that tie bail to drug street value1, Cary’s going to have to spend a couple of weeks in the slammer.

Alicia leaps into action, assuring Mr. Bishop that Cary won’t flip while simultaneously trying to raise funds for his bail, but she falls flat on both fronts. The partners at Florrick Agos (with the exception of Alicia and the firm’s investigator Robin) won’t mortgage their futures for Cary; even Cary’s lobbyist father refuses to chip in more than $8,000. Meanwhile, Bishop wants more than Alicia’s assurances, and sends a henchman to make Cary pass a loyalty test. He has to let a fellow inmate slice open his hand, and then tell his lawyers that he fell and cut it on the bars.

Cary does as told, including lying to Alicia and Diane2, so Bishop sends another one of his henchman to pay bail. The State’s Attorney is on a roll, though, and succeeds in both getting Alicia disqualified from the case, and in winning a Source of Funds hearing to determine whether the bail money is drug money. Seems like Cary better get comfortable, he’s not going anywhere for a while.

In fact, the only person who seems to going anywhere in this storyline is Kalinda3. She figures out that one of Bishop’s crew is a confidential informant, but he doesn’t want her poking around, so she tries a different route. A past fling of hers, Sophia, is consulting with the police on Cary’s case; Kalinda was supposed to be meeting Cary on the night of his arrest, but Sophia distracted her with a booty call to keep her from getting involved4. Kalinda tries to blackmail Sophia to get the CI’s name, and although Sophia won’t budge for fear that Bishop will kill the CI, she does divulge to Kalinda the existence of an audio recording that proves Cary’s guilt5.

The B-Plot

Eli wants Alicia to run for State’s Attorney for one main reason: Peter needs all the help he can get to remain the Governor. He’s one more sex scandal away from being impeached, and the intern running around the office without panties isn’t helping matters. In addition, the current frontrunner for the office, Castro, is no friend of the Florricks, not least because Peter has refused to endorse him.

In an effort to convince Peter to let him press Alicia about running, Eli has some polling done against Alicia’s expressed wishes. According to the pollster with fabulous glasses, were Alicia to run, she would win by several points6. The numbers themselves aren’t enough to convince Peter to go along with his plan, so Eli sets up a meeting between Peter and Castro that’s doomed to fail. Sure enough, at the end of the meeting Peter is ready to support Eli’s plan.

Other Action

Diane continues to plot her departure from Lockhart Gardner7. She will bring her $38 million in billing to Florrick Agos on two conditions: she must be allowed to bring Kalinda with her8 and she must have an equal vote with Alicia and Cary. These points go unresolved thanks to Cary’s arrest, although Lockhart Florrick Agos seems inevitable now, given the firm’s financial issues.

To buy time, and cover, Diane tells David Lee and Louis Canning that she’s retiring, and that she will gladly put in a good word for them with her clients if they wait until she’s gone to pursue them. They, of course, don’t buy it. So, while Alicia meets with Diane’s clients to convince them to come with her, David and Canning are meeting with them to play up Cary’s arrest on drug charges and convince them to stay with Lockhart Gardner.

… of the Week

Kalinda Moment9

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Eli Moment:

The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)
The Good Wife (Screen: CBS)

Cameo: Jonathan Coulton as DUI10, Cary’s handcuff-buddy near the beginning of the episode. Long-time viewers will recall Season 5 Episode 11, “Goliath and David,” in which the case-of-the-week was a riff on that time Glee stole Coulton’s cover of Baby Got Back. The in-world song was called “Thicky Trick,” and the resulting music video is just as awesomely bad as you could possibly want.

Supporting Actor: Sarah Steele as Marissa “Honey Badger” Gold, Eli’s daughter who is just back from two years in the IDF, and promptly got fired from her job at a juice bar. She has no problem confronting the aforementioned intern about her lack of panties; nor does she have time for your nonsense.

  1. But not laws that prevent a married couple from taking over both the Governorship and the State’s Attorney’s Office?!  
  2. They don’t seem entirely convinced, but I’m not sure Matt Czuchry has ever done anything convincingly. #shotsfired  
  3. Squeeeeeeee!  
  4. This might be the first time we’ve seen anyone outsmart Kalinda like that.  
  5. Which she is apparently carrying around on her personal phone. You know, like you do with state evidence.  
  6. Apparently she’s a much better fake politician than real lawyer, at least in this episode.  
  7. Why is no one is calling it Lockhart Gardner Canning, or even just Lockhart Canning? Will’s been dead for a while now, y’all.  
  8. Yayayayayayayayay!  
  9. Lez be real, Kalinda and her squeaky leather outfits are the best part of this show.  
  10. I kid you not, that is how the character’s name is listed on IMDB.  

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