John Cho and Karen Gillan star in Selfie, ABC's adaptation of Pygmalion / My Fair Lady.

Pilotitis: Selfie

September 30, 20140

Selfie‘s title is regrettable and its pilot could be better, but the chemistry between its leads and potential for growth resist snap judgement.

Steve and Rachel share some personal stories during their visit to the Love Prison.

Love Prison: Steve and Rachel

September 30, 20140

Love Prison may have been unceremoniously cancelled, but the horror lives on…On Demand! In this episode, meet King Douchebag and Princess Doormat.

11 teams meet with Phil Keoghan in Times Square, the starting line for the 25th season of The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race: #Season25KicksOff

September 29, 20140

The 25th season of CBS’ hit reality competition kicks off where it all began in NYC.  Who’s leading the pack, and who didn’t have such a great day at the beach?