Irresponsible! Index: Raising Asia Episodes 7 and 8 – “Festive”

Asia Monet Ray gets ready for a performance on Raising Asia.
Raising Asia (Photo: Lifetime)

Everyone wants to manage Asia’s career on Raising Asia, but when will the adults start to make responsible decisions?

This week’s Raising Asia has our “little Beyoncé” preparing for two make-it-or-break-it performances.1 The first performance was as an opening act for gay “festive” pop singer Dario2 and the second was for a gig at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Billy booked both events, irking Anthony. Meanwhile, Shawn tries to assert more control over Asia’s career, with Kristie reluctantly taking a backseat.

Mildly Irresponsible

Shawn and Kristie are having major communication problems. This comes to a head at breakfast because Shawn made eggs without removing the yolks, causing Kristie to lose it. Shawn comments that Kristie wasn’t always so high-strung, that the change in behavior came about when Asia started dancing at age 3.

Moderately Irresponsible

Anthony is still concerned about how Asia’s career is being managed. Billy is out sick, which means that Anthony is the default professional for an upcoming gig opening for Dario. He asks Asia if she knows who he is, since Anthony had to Google the guy. Anthony tap-dances around explaining that Dario is gay, opting to describing him as “festive.” If Asia is going to continue on this dancing career path, there’s no point in obfuscating the concept that some boys like boys.

Severely Irresponsible

The other problem with hiding that Dario’s primary audience is gay: the venue Billy booked is a gay bar in West Hollywood.3 Like many gay bar stages, it’s modular so that it can be cleared to allow for club dancing. This created an uneven surface for Asia to work with, concerning all of her adults. Plus, the bar is 21+, so until Asia is ready to perform she has to hang out in a makeshift dressing room in the parking lot. Shawn really dislikes this, coupled with the fact that maybe 30 people showed up. I love the idea that Shawn is so miffed that he was expecting this to be so much better because it was a gig in Hollywood. I assume he has never been to the non-movie studio parts of Hollywood which are the opposite of glitz.

Criminally Irresponsible

Following the less-than-stellar gig in Hollywood, Kristie, Shawn and Asia pack up to head to Las Vegas for the Planet Hollywood gig.4 After some beverage drama in the car ride (NO DAIRY! NO CAFFEINE!), rehearsals begin with Billy and Anthony. One of the components originally discussed was a cube that would allow Asia to do aerial tricks as she sings and dances. Shawn vetoes the cube because he doesn’t think his daughter has had enough practice. That’s…pretty responsible, actually. However, that eliminates Anthony’s role, so he’s just sitting there while Billy’s product gets rehearsed on stage. This includes a “rap” one would expect from Rudy Huxtable and dance moves you would see Blossom and Six rehearse while listening to C+C Music Factory.5 Anthony has a hard time keeping his opinions to himself, but Shawn is ready to fire both him and Billy so there’s a lot of ultimatums and biting of tongues.

The Most Heartbreakingly Irresponsible Thing Bella Did This Week

Bella did not appear at all in the first of this week’s episodes, aside from being in the room during the fight about breakfast. In the second episode, she wanted to go to Vegas with the rest of the family, but she was told she had to stay with grandma. After the family leaves, we see Bella driving her pink Power Wheels jeep down the street in an effort to chase them down. First, she’s driving on the wrong side of the road. Second, GET OUT OF THE STREET. She was never in any danger, but jeezy creezy show, don’t manufacture the shot.

Next week on Raising Asia: It’s do or die time for Billy as Asia’s manager.

  1. Remember, everything is an all-or-nothing proposition for this eight-year-old child.  
  2. more on that in a bit  
  3. Okay, the show didn’t say that explicitly, but let’s call it as we see it, shall we?  
  4. Bella was not invited.  
  5. I’ve been watching a lot of Blossom lately, y’all.  

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