For Better or For Worse: Guess Which One

Blair and Tootie grin and bear it in the Hallmark Channel movie For Better or For Worse.
For Better or For Worse (Photo: Michelle Faye / Hallmark)

You take the good (casting), you take the bad (writing), you take them all and then you have For Better or For Worse, a Hallmark movie starring Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields.

There’s no point in going over the plot of Hallmark’s newest movie For Better or For Worse, as it matches the plot of just about every other non-Christmas movie on the network. She’s one thing (wedding planner), he’s the polar opposite (divorce lawyer), contrivance contrivance contrivance, they get together. It’s like Shakespeare in that there’s a wedding at the end. Or everyone died? Honestly, I stopped paying attention about halfway through.

The fun in these movies isn’t in the story, it’s in the subtext. The odd couple relationship is not the primary conflict in the movie. Rather, the children of the leads have decided to ditch law school, get married and become organic farmers. What follows is a bizarre indictment (and complete misunderstanding) of veganism and responsible food practices. Granted, my undergrad experience was spent in cooperative housing and dining, so maybe veganism hasn’t hit the mainstream in wherever Hallmark’s audience resides. I’m not sure what Hallmark’s fear is, but it is a theme consistent within many of their movies. There is a pining for an America that may or may not have ever existed, but is so old timey that it will never exist again.

So should you watch For Better or For Worse? If you are familiar with Hallmark movies, you know what you are going to get. If you are hoping for a mini-Facts of Life reunion, you will be disappointed. Instead, find some old episodes on YouTube and binge on those. Granted, Mrs. Garrett’s speechifying hits the same tone as the movie, you will have the benefit of Jo landed a few zingers and Natalie’s smile encouraging you to stick with the story.

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