The Bachelorette: Rules of the Rose Week 9 – Fantasy Suites

The Bachelorette (Photo: John O'Hara / ABC)
The Bachelorette (Photo: John O'Hara / ABC)

This week on The Bachelorette, what’s the male version of “Bye, Felicia?” Don’t sugarcoat. Apparently last week Nick’s family painted a bit deeper and darker picture of his past heartache than he has and The Bachelorette is wondering what’s up.

DOminican Republic – this is the lush location for the final three ‘exotic’ -‘fantasy’ dates.

Don’t, ummm stuff your bathing suit.  This is for The Bachelorette.  Nick invites Andi to jump in the water and as she disrobes to reveal a bikini, complete with this Bachelor checking her out and we see a white puffy piece of fabric almost falling out of her top.  THIS is embarrassing.

Do avoid the word ‘like.’  Nick hasn’t learned that rule and ‘like’s’ himself out of telling The Bachelorette how he really feels.

Don’t smile all the time Josh. The Bachelorette’s biggest concern about the big former baseball player is he seems too happy-go-lucky.

Do have the best family, period.

Don’t ask The Bachelorette for a gut check.  Chris, everyone’s just saying I love you and Chris is working out logistics and then she’s crying and doesn’t see the foundation with him, wait…he said I love you…but that foundation isn’t there is no date card, no fantasy suite, he’s going home.

Do be the next Bachelor, Chris.  Obviously he will be.  I’m sure they’ll announce it next week when the Men Tell All.  Chris is a good guy, with a good (the “best,” read above) family, a house, a career (albeit in the middle of nowhere), and a solid grasp of what he wants in life.  So please ABC, choose the next Bachelor accordingly.

Don’t propose.  I’ve watched a lot (read: too much) of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor over the years and THIS Bachelorette doesn’t seem quite ready to say “I do…want to spend the rest of my life,” with either of the final two.

Do stay tuned to what else is on to see what the men have to say and what The Bachelorette has to say to the last men standing.

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