5 Awesome Things from the Nashville Season Finale

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

At the end of a very cliffhang-y Nashville season finale, we can rest assured that Rayna and the gang will be back for season three. It’s goodbye for now, not forever, y’all!
On the eve of their album release date, Rayna and Will are locked in a battle for Who Gets the Most Downloads. Jeff the exec phone stalks Avery, making Juliette very nervous. Will freaks under the pressure of his album release, but also because his closeted life is being recorded for reality TV. Scarlett decides to go back to school school in Mississippi and begins her round of goodbyes. Juliette tells Jeff he can’t blackmail her into an Edgehill deal because she already confessed her cheatin’ heart to Avery, but he quickly calls her bluff. Then he uses his creep wiles to get Rayna bumped from a Good Morning, America appearance, booking Will in her place. Rayna uses her ex-wife-of-the-mayor wiles to book an album launch concert at LP Field (free download with every ticket sold). Juliette tries quitting Highway 65 so she can take Jeff’s offer, but Rayna just tells her to shut up and get ready for the LP Field show. Gunnar, Zoey and Avery perform at Deacon’s recovery center benefit. Before the show, Avery asks his bandmates if they’ve seen Juliette arrive and they act all weird (’cause they know she sexed Jeff). Ms. Barnes arrives in the middle of their set, drunk – drunk at a recovery center benefit! – and nearly crashes the stage. Deacon wrests her away, but not before Rayna notices. Angry Rayna visits sloppy Juliette at home, finds out she slept with Jeff, and advises her to tell Avery. Too late – Gunnar and Zoey spill the beans. Rayna finds out that Sam Walton Boone Superstore gift cards will feature Will’s goofy mug and a free download of his album. Tandy convinces her to call Boone and schmooze her corporate a-hole admirer. Maddie’s mad that Rayna won’t give her an album deal, so she takes it out on Teddy (who’s getting pretty tired of these cliquey, temperamental musician types). Layla confesses on camera that she doesn’t understand Will. Luke promises Rayna a big surprise at the LP Field show, though it’s no shock to anyone who saw the teaser. Does Rayna say yes to his onstage proposal??? Does it even matter when that isn’t the cliffhanger? Here are five awesome-r things from the Nashville season finale.

Juliette’s LOL self-destructive moment of the week When Jules marches into Rayna’s home and announces she wants out of Highway 65, Rayna reminds her they have a contract. Juliette responds, “I’m aware of that and I would like it voided or nullified or whatever it is that we have to do. We can shake hands, part friends. Or whatever it is we are.” Hmm, not quite friends, but more than frenemies, definitely in cahoots… let’s start calling these two “cahootchies”.

Cahootchie power! Juliette admits to Avery that she cheated – a mutually heartbreaking moment – but at least the news frees her from Jeff’s grip. She later visits Rayna’s dressing room at LP Field to tell her boss that she followed through with it. Rayna says she doesn’t have to perform that night, but Juliette takes a big girl, un-Scarlett, “show must go on” attitude. And that’s right when Bucky brings Jeff to Rayna’s door. Juliette thanks him for the worst minute and a half of her life (eww), then says Avery knows the score and she’s not going back to Edgehill. A suddenly nervous Jeff asks Rayna if her boyfriend Luke knows his boss is in the blackmail business. Rayna replies, “No, I thought I would hold on to that card for later.” Then she hands him a Boone Superstores gift card with her image printed on it. “About two hundred fifty thousand of those are going out this week, in place of the Will Lexington ones.” Speechless, Jeff tosses the card at her, right before Juliette shows him the door. That guy. What an ingrate! Think of all the hair gel he could have bought with that gift card.

Only Rayna pretends to be excited about Luke’s proposal Surprise to no one, after their performance of “Ball and Chain” at LP Field, Luke gets down on one knee and asks Rayna if she’ll let him become her ball and chain (groan) Rayna giggles, but not one member of her family is smiling. Maddie looks like she wants to cry. Teddy looks like, “OMG if Maddie has ONE more thing to bitch about…” Deacon looks like he’s watching the end of a bad but predictable movie. And even good natured, gets-along-with-everyone Daphne is like, “Eff this noise.” But of course Rayna says yes because what the hell else is she gonna do? Be honest with herself that she’s not that into her boyfriend?? On the night of the album launch???

Morons make great cliffhangers Once Will learns he lost the Boone deal, he immediately runs to Gunnar a.k.a. the only friend who knows he’s gay. Will’s sure the album’s gonna tank. Unfortunate since he’d pinned all his happiness on it. Hetero savior Gunnar recognizes the real problem and tells his bud, “You’re living a lie and I’m the only person you can be yourself with. That’s not enough.” So Will decides he should run home to confused, weepy Layla, yank her into an off-camera room and announce, “I’m gay.” Then he starts bawling while she makes one of the best “WTF?” faces I’ve ever seen. And oh, guess what, there are cameras in this room. Because even though the reality show producers said there wouldn’t be, it was probably buried in a release form that these dumbums didn’t read.

Bonus bling for Rayna In a more foreseeable cliffhanger (thanks teaser), Deacon tells newly engaged Rayna that she ought to be with him instead of Luke. “I know how to love you now. That man you always wanted me to be? I am that man. And I can be a husband now and I can be a father. And I can give you everything we were always meant to have.” They make out a little bit, then he places his old engagement ring in her hand and tells her to keep it. Rayna wonders, what to do? And viewers like me just roll their eyes #TeamDeacon

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